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Defense Finance and Accounting Service FINANCIAL SYSTEMS ANALYST in Whitehall, Ohio


Who may apply: Current, permanent DFAS employees in the competitive service, eligible DoD PPP Military Spouse preference applicants and current DFAS VRA employees. This announcement will be used to fill positions with an entry grade of GS-11, or GS-12 with a target grade of GS-12. The minimum salary for grade GS-11 is $66,918, the maximum salary is $86,999. The minimum salary for grade GS-12 is $80,208, the maximum salary is $104,275.


Analyzes plans and evaluates issues concerned with the operational aspects of disbursing to include management strategies and systems modifications.

Designs, tests, and implements change to structure, methods, procedures, policies and practices of the disbursing system.

Provides functional advice applicable to disbursing to other DFAS organizations, to include explaining initiatives, recommendations and problems identified.

Conducts special projects and studies to recommend improvements in operations.

Analyzes organizational policies, structure, procedures and systems. Assists in developing strategic plans, policy and guidance to support DFAS.


Conditions of Employment


One year of specialized experience equivalent in level of difficulty and responsibility to that of the next lower grade (GS-09 for GS-11 grade level; GS-11 for GS-12 grade level) within the federal service, which demonstrates the ability to perform the duties of the position, is required. GS-11 Specialized Experience is defined as: Performing complex data analysis and evaluation of financial systems, policies, procedures, and regulations to ensure the continuity of a financial system's operations. GS-12 Specialized Experience is defined as: participating in the analysis and evaluation of disbursing operations; AND applying automated systems design and processing principles, techniques, policies and regulations to automated disbursing, financial, and/or accounting systems. Time-in-Grade: Current or former federal employees who have held a GS position in the preceding 52 weeks, must meet the time in grade requirement. To be considered for the GS-11, applicants must have served 52 weeks as a GS-09 or higher in the Federal service. To be considered for the GS-12, applicants must have served 52 weeks as a GS-11 or higher in the Federal service.


GS-11 Substitution of Education for Experience: Three full years of progressively higher-level graduate education leading to a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree may be substituted to meet the specialized experience requirement. Equivalent combinations of successfully completed higher-level graduate level education and experience may be used to meet total experience requirements. If you are using education to substitute for the specialized experience, you must submit transcripts at the time you apply. To be creditable, education must have been obtained in an accredited college or university recognized by the U.S. Department of Education ( GS 12 and above: Education is not substitutable for specialized experience at this grade level.

Additional Information

If you are unable to apply online, view the following link for information regarding Alternate Application. Moving expenses will be paid. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 makes certain reimbursements/payments taxable. For information on these changes and the Relocation Income Tax Allowance (RITA), for which some appointees are eligible, click here. For positions where relocation is paid (see Location block of vacancy announcement), you can learn more about relocation allowances and entitlements. Telework availability will be based upon the mission requirements and supervisory determination. We may use this announcement to make a temporary promotion. For some positions, the temporary promotion may be made permanent without further competition. Selections are subject to restrictions resulting from the DoD Program for Stability of Civilian Employment. A two year probationary or trial period may be required. We may use this announcement to fill additional vacancies within 120 days of the closing date. This position is Exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. Travel requirement is Seldom. This position is covered by a bargaining unit. Priority Placement Program (PPP) Military Spouse Preference (MSP) eligible candidates will receive priority consideration at the full performance level only. Retired Civil Service Employee: Employment of retired Federal employees receiving an annuity is subject to the requirements of the Department of Defense (DoD) policy guidance. (See DoD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 300, at This position requires you to obtain and maintain a Level 2 Certification under the DoD Financial Management (FM) Certification Program as a condition of employment. If you are selected, you will have to obtain this certification within two (2) years of your entry on duty in the position unless you are already in a position that requires a Level 2 Certification in which case you must complete the certification within the original 2-year period. Failure to become certified within the required time-frame may be grounds for removal from the position and/or from Federal service. Information about the DoD FM Certification Program is available at