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Fairview Farms Inc Farm workers and laborers; Crop in Whately, Massachusetts

8/1/20 - 11-28/20 GREENHOUSES - Workers will be operating all greenhouse equipment, pot fillers, tractors, trucks, forklifts; equipment maintenance. Workers will spray, water, and maintain plants as needed. Workers will be aware of insect or disease problems and will bring these to the attention of the supervisor. Workers will load orders onto our trucks according to supervisors direction. VEGETABLES - Workers will be attaching and driving tractors with field implements; set up and run irrigation; hoe, and care for field plants as needed; oversee harvest and packing; load pallets onto trucks using tractor forklift. TOBACCO CROPS - Workers will seed tobacco in the greenhouse, plant in field, cultivate, hoe, fertilize, irrigate, top, apply succor control with a backpack sprayer, cut, hook and hang tobacco in sheds requiring workers to work at great heights, open & close sheds sometimes in inclement weather, take down and strip the plants, bundle and load onto trucks. 1 Month experience in work listed required.