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Trinity CountyEmployment OpportunityTRINITY COUNTY BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICESSTAFF SERVICES ANALYST I$3,549.08 - $4,313.93 / Monthly$20.47 - $24.88 / HourThis is a full-time, benefited position.Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.STAFF SERVICES ANALYST IDefinition:Under direction, to perform professional level analytical duties involving general, administrative and/or fiscal analysis work and participate in special studies or projects; to create and present analytical results, and to perform work as required.Qualifications:Knowledge of:Public and business administration principles and practices. Methods and techniques involved in conducting analytical studies of administrative and management practices, methods and procedures. General research practices, techniques, and terminology to conduct research for a department. A variety of computer software applications, including database, graphics/presentation, work processing and spreadsheet software. Methods and techniques of report preparation. English language (i.e. composition, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure). Project management principles to ensure projects activities are conducted in a fiscally responsible and timely manner. Principles and practices of effective customer service. Principles of teamwork and teambuilding in order to work effectively as a member of a team and facilitate effective teamwork. Principles and practices of the functional areas applicable to the assigned options. Principles and practices of leadership and supervision. Community needs and resources.Ability to:Analyze a situation or problem, including stressful situations, accurately and objectively in order to identify alternative solutions and determine an effective course of action. Collect and analyze data and information in order to derive logical conclusions. Formulate options and make recommendations based on data and information collected. Analyze policies, procedures, and programs and make effective recommendations. Make sound decisions and independent judgments within established guidelines. Read, interpret, and apply a variety of information (e.g. laws, policies, procedures, court cases, memorandum of understanding, ordinances, contract provisions, legislations, directives) in order to provide information and ensure compliance. Analyze and interpret basic statistics. Perform arithmetic calculations, including ratios and percentages. Operate a computer to prepare results of analyses (i.e. reports, tables, charts, and graphs) and perform operations (i.e. conduct research on the internet, collect, input, and retrieve data and information). Express information and ideas orally in a clear, concise, organized manner by using proper diction, grammar and volume so that others will understand. Make effective presentations and respond to questions from various groups, including boards, committees, and the public. Compose business communications (e.g. letters, memos, notices) and reports, policies, and procedures, in a clear, concise, organized, and accurate manner. Identify problems and central issues. Reason logically and critically. Perform, analyze, and document research. Research legislative issues and read and understand legislation. Recommend and implement changes/improvements. Develop and maintain cooperative, effective working relationships with co-workers, representatives of community organizations, state/local agencies and associations, supervisors, internal management staff, employee representatives and the public. Effectively mediate and resolve conflicts between/with individuals. Influence and persuade others to accept a particular viewpoint or to follow a particular course of action. Work and interact with a variety of individuals from various socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural groups in person and by telephone, including situations where relations may be strained or confrontational. Work independently and accept increasing responsibility. Prioritize, pla