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Job Information

CellAntenna Corporation CPM for Inbuilding Solutions (DAS) in United States

Overall Responsibility

A CPM / Service Delivery Manager oversees the delivery of services or service technology to a company's clients or customers. The manager must establishes policies designed to ensure consistently high service performance, monitors employees and evaluates customer feedback to develop quality improvement processes, tight to the industry best practice.

Processes and Procedures

The main role of the Deployment Manager is to establish or refine service delivery processes. The goal is to establishing uniform processes and procedures to ensure that each customer gets the same experience from the onset of contact. In addition, It's needed to have project management skills along with MS project, in order to secure proper project follow up and planning. E2E process understanding, from permitting (AHJ and Carriers) to execution, related to the Cell DAS and Public Safety implementation. Strong process improvement approach based on industry best practice.

Technical Skill

This person need to be very knowledgeable in the telecom industry, wireless network, In-building solutions, Cellular DAS, Public Safety DAS. Including good understanding and criteria of OSHA, Quality Installation standard, Read Floor Plans, Understands AC & DC, Understand cables/Connectors testing, in-building Construction Code, Antennas knowledge about RF, Signal propagation, Install Amplifier Equipment, Cobham Amps, Solid, Westel, ADRF, Corning, etc. In general, good understanding of all the technical aspects related to the In-building solution CELL and PS business.


The service delivery manager need to has general oversight over employees involved in the delivery process, even though he may not be their direct manager. Managers who receive complaints or feedback on a particular work team or employee will share those comments with managers and staff involved. Ultimately, the service delivery manager holds all service departments and employees accountable for carrying out the required processes and tasks.

Cost and Efficiency

Ensure delivery processes are efficient and cost effective. To reduce costs and streamline the process without adversely impacting the client experience, he might eliminate paperwork, unnecessary service steps or non-value-added features. In our technology service industry, we need for this person to have emphasis on efficient delivery of hardware and installation services. Develop and support tiered pricing plans that let customers pay more for higher or more involved levels of service.

Customer Satisfaction

A key role for the service delivery manager is to constantly assess customer feedback and make necessary improvements. Conduct evaluations with customers on the phone, via e-mail or through postal mail. Set customer satisfaction goals on various individual criteria as well as the total customer experience. When scores fall below these thresholds, the manager need to conduct additional research and take steps to correct deficiencies. For example, some customers might feel like parts of the process are slow or delayed. By identifying and analyzing the issues, the service delivery manager can work on eliminating bottlenecks.

Experience: 07 year of experience in this role or similar

Background: BS Telecom or similar. MBA a plus