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Continental Software Developer_RD_345-20 in China

Software DeveloperRD345-20


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Analyze the system requirements, system architecture, hardware design and software architecture, then create the software requirement specification of assigned modules Develop the software design which covers the related software requirements and respect the defined software architecture Develop a verification strategy for software units consistent with the software design, and also develop the unit verification specification to verify that each software unit satisfies its design over the complete range of application parameter combinations Develop the software units that implement the software design in accordance to the defined coding rules. Perform the code review and static code analysis Ensure the consistency and bilateral traceability between software architecture and detailed software design, the detailed software design and software units Verify the software units in accordance with the defined verification strategy, and integrate the software units and software components into the overall software product

Job Requirements

knowledge about BS software development process and tools Advanced knowledge about embedded software development with Ansi-C and automotive embedded software coding rules Advanced Knowledge of using software development and test equipments (oscilloscopes, BDM, Emulator, CANoe etc.) Advanced Knowlidge about the BS products and requirements Advanced Structured problem solving skills Advanced Effective Communications, Correct Understanding & Clear Presentation

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Vehicle Networking and Information (VNI)