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Ventura County Engineering Manager I/II/III in Ventura, California

Engineering Manager I/II/III

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Engineering Manager I/II/III


$92,250.32 - $156,380.85 Annually


and may require travel throughout Ventura and neighboring counties, CA

Job Type

Full-Time Regular


Public Works Agency

Job Number

0359PWA-20AD (GB)

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Under direction of the Deputy Director, Water & Sanitation Department or Director of Transportation Department; manages a major section of an engineering department or is responsible for major engineering or surveying program(s) or projects; assists in planning, organizing, directing and coordinating varied activities within the Public Works Agency; and performs related duties as assigned.

There are currently two (2) regular vacancies within the Water & Sanitation Department and one (1) regular vacancy within the Transportation Department. The vacancies may be filled at either the Engineering Manager I, II, or III level. The qualifications of the selected candidate(s) will determine the placement level.

The Ventura County Public Works Agency is seeking highly motivated and energetic individuals with excellent management and communications skills to manage the operations and organization of the department. The ideal candidates will have experience in civil engineering, project management, managing of operations and organization of a large division, with demonstrated supervisory and leadership skills. The successful candidates will have a strong working knowledge of the methods and techniques used in the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of water, reclaimed water, and wastewater projects. S/he must also be an effective problem solver, able to lead with integrity, motivate others to achieve favorable outcomes, and have successful experience in continuous process improvement activities. Also essential is the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing; build relationships with other County staff and consultants; and represent the Department, Agency, and County in a highly professional manner in all settings.


Engineering Manager I - $3,461.55 - $4,846.65 biweekly

Engineering Manager II - $3,783.68 - $5,297.67 biweekly

Engineering Manager III - $4,190.98 - $5867.95 biweekly

EDUCATIONAL INCENTIVE: Incumbents may be eligible for an educational incentive of 2.5%, 3.5%, or 5% based on completion of an Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree that is not required for the classification.

Engineering Manager I, II, III are Management classifications and are not eligible for overtime compensation. Incumbents in this classification are eligible for benefits at the MB3 level.

NOTE: If appointed at the lower level, incumbent may be promoted to the higher level without further examination upon meeting the minimum requirements, demonstrating satisfactory performance, and in accordance with the business needs of the department.

Examples Of Duties

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Manages a major engineering program, project, or a section's daily activities including scheduling staff and assignments; setting work priorities; overseeing work; providing technical support; coordinating section's work with other Public Works sections, County departments/ agencies, and external governmental agencies.

  • Researches, analyzes, and interprets information and data necessary to manage projects and implement requirements and implement requirements and develops plans associated with projects.

  • Acts as project engineer or project manager from initial design to completion, including preparing standards and budget; determining feasibility; assessing environmental impact; negotiating with consultants and various governmental agencies; administering contracts; ensuring federal, state, and county standards and requirements are met; and closing out completed projects.

  • Reviews and/or approves plans and specifications, survey records, and environmental documents submitted by contractors, consultants, and other governmentaI agencies; issues or help to obtain appropriate permits.

  • Supervises, coordinates and reviews work prepared by professional engineering/architectural consultants for public and private development or related programs.

  • Inspects project sites to assist in resolving difficult problems; develops and interprets specifications and standards; and initiates and reviews change orders.

  • Assists in the development, implementation and achievement of goals, objectives, policies, engineering, and/or surveying standards and priorities; researches and identifies funding sources for projects.

  • Represents the agency/department at meetings and conferences with other governmental agencies, the public, community leaders, special interest groups, contractors/consultants, and private organizations.

  • Prepares, coordinates, and monitors budget for assigned area and may develop and write proposals for grant applications; administers grants; and prepares documentation for reimbursement of federal and state funds.

  • Responds verbally and in writing to inquiries from developers, contractors, consultants, staff, members of the Board of Supervisors, other governmental agencies, and the public.

  • Assists with or supervises, hires, trains, counsels and evaluates assigned staff; recommends or imposes management or disciplinary action.

  • Manage various program(s); maintain county asset inventory; and monitor compliance conditions of approval for improvement projects.

  • Analyzes data; prepares or directs the preparation of records, correspondence, reports, responses to outside claims, and/or property surveys, legal descriptions, corner records, etc.

  • Prepares or directs preparation of correspondence, reports, responses to outside claims; uses database and other computer programs.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Typical Qualifications

These are entrance requirements to the exam process and assure neither continuance in the process nor placement on an eligible list.


Completion of a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering, or equivalent, and a minimum of four (4) years (for Engineering Manager I) to six (6) years (for Engineering Manager II) and two (2) years (for the Engineering Manager III) equivalent to an Engineering Manager II of qualifying, progressively responsible professional civil engineering experience, including at least one year's experience as team leader of engineering and technical staff or at least one year of public works project management experience, are required.

Equivalency for the Bachelor's degree may include: California certification as an Engineer-in-Training (Fundamentals of Engineering) and four (4) years' civil engineering related experience OR possession of a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, environmental engineering or a related engineering, and three (3) years' civil engineering related experience OR Registration as a Civil Engineer in the State of California.


  • Must possess and maintain a current, valid California driver license.

  • California registration as a Civil Engineer or a license is required.


  • Intermediate to advanced computer skills using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and maintenance management software

  • Strong communication skills

  • Familiarity with project budgeting principles

  • Experience in reading and interpreting plans

  • Ability to present to the Board of Supervisors or other governing or advisory bodies including citizen advisory committees

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Thorough to comprehensive knowledge of:

  • Principles, practices, and modern methods and techniques of civil engineering to plan, design, construction of public facilities.

  • Contract management techniques and be able to manage projects, plan, monitor and approve work.

  • Conducting independent project engineering.

  • NPDES, CEQA, and applicable state, federal and local laws, regulations, ordinances, etc., related to public works projects.

  • Principles and practices of administration, supervision, and training; and supervise work of others.

Working ability to:

  • Communicate clearly orally and in writing, to negotiate and deal effectively with government officials and contractors; making presentations to regulatory, governmental and/or elected officials, other governmental agencies, the public; maintain work relationships.

  • Prepare and monitor budgets.

Skilled in: computer software programs used in job duties.

Supplemental Information:

Work is performed primarily in an office environment and may include travel to and from construction and maintenance sites, which may involve working near equipment or machinery on rough or uneven surfaces, and exposure to dust, noise, chemicals, gas, fumes, or heights. May occasionally be exposed to inclement or hazardous conditions requiring moderate to heavy physical activities.

Recruitment Process

FINAL FILING DATE: This is a continuous recruitment and may close at any time; therefore, apply as soon as possible if you are interested in it. Your application must be received by County of Ventura Human Resources in Ventura, California, no later than 5:00 p.m. on the closing date.

A first review of applications will be conducted 10 days from the opening date.

To apply on-line, please refer to our web site at If you prefer to fill out a paper application form, please call (805) 654-5129 for application materials and submit them to County of Ventura Human Resources, 800 South Victoria Avenue, L-1970, Ventura, CA 93009.

Sufficient information must be provided under the Education/Work experience portion of the application and supplemental questionnaire, if applicable, to thoroughly and accurately demonstrate your qualifications in order to determine eligibility. A resume may be attached to supplement your responses in the above sections; however, it may not be substituted in lieu of the application.

NOTE: If presently permanently employed in another "merit" or "civil service" public agency/entity in the same or substantively similar position as is advertised, and if appointed to that position by successful performance in a "merit" or "civil service" style examination, then appointment by "Lateral Transfer" may be possible. If interested, please click here ( (Download PDF reader) ( (Download PDF reader) ( for additional information.

SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONNAIRE - qualifying: All applicants are required to complete and submit the questionnaire for this examination AT THE TIME OF FILING. The supplemental questionnaire may be used throughout the examination process to assist in determining each applicant's qualifications and acceptability for the position. Failure to complete and submit the questionnaire may result in the removal from further consideration.

APPLICATION EVALUATION - qualifying: All applications will be reviewed to determine whether or not the stated requirements are met. Those individuals meeting the stated requirements will be invited to continue to the next step in the examination process.

TRAINING & EXPERIENCE EVALUATION: A Training and Experience Evaluation (T&E) is a structured evaluation of the job application materials submitted by a candidate, including the written responses to the supplemental questionnaire. The T&E is NOT a determination of whether the candidate meets the stated requirements; rather, the T&E is one method for determining who are the better qualified among those who have shown that they meet the stated requirements. In a T&E, applications are either scored or rank ordered according to criteria that most closely meet the business needs of the department. Candidates are typically scored/ranked in relation to one another; consequently, when the pool of candidates is exceptionally strong, many qualified candidates may receive a score or rank which is moderate or even low resulting in them not being advanced in the process.

NOTE: The selection process will likely consist of an Oral Exam, which may be preceded or replaced with the score from a Training and Experience Evaluation (T&E), contingent upon the size and quality of the candidate pool. In a typical T&E, your training and experience are evaluated in relation to the background, experience and factors identified for successful job performance during a job analysis. For this reason, it is recommended that your application materials clearly show your relevant background and specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is also highly recommended that the supplemental questions within the application are completed with care and diligence.

Candidates successfully completing the examination process may be placed on an eligible list for a period of one (1) year.

The eligible list established from this recruitment may be used to fill current and future Regular (including Temporary and Fixed-term), Intermittent, and Extra Help vacancies within the Public Works Agency. There are currently two (2) Regular vacancies within the Water & Sanitation Department and one (1) vacancy within the Transportation Department.

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: A thorough post offer, pre-employment background investigation which may include inquiry into past employment, education, criminal background information, and driving record may be required for this position.

For further information regarding this recruitment, please, contact Gloria Bañuelos by email at or by telephone at 805-654-3620.



In addition to your annual salary, the County of Ventura offers you an extensive benefits package, including:

FLEXIBLE BENEFITS PROGRAM: You allocate the County's non-taxable biweekly Credit Allowance of $447.00 (Employee Only), $522 (Employee + 1), or $547 (Employee + 2 or more) among several benefit options. Regular part-time employees (40–59 hours per pay period) hired or promoted to Management on or after April 1, 2001, receive a Credit Allowance of $313.00 (Employee Only), $365 (Employee + 1), or $383 (Employee + 2 or more).

Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans for you and your dependents. Current premium amounts can be found on the Benefits website (

Flexible Spending Accounts which increase your spending power by reimbursing you with pre-taxed dollars for IRS approved dependent care and health care expenses.

Pre-tax Salary Reduction available if the costs for the benefit options you select exceed the County's biweekly contribution. This saves you taxes by lowering your taxable income.

Cash added to your taxable biweekly pay, depending on the selections you have made.

EMPLOYEE HEALTH SERVICES CLINIC: Available to you for treatment of minor illness or injury.

MEDICAL MAINTENANCE EXAMINATION: You may schedule a medical maintenance examination through Employee Health Services, at no cost to you, at the intervals stated:

Once every 36 months if under age 40

Once every 24 months if between ages 40-44

Once every 12 months if over age 45

If you choose to have the examination through your personal physician, your department will reimburse you up to $1,200 for eligible expenses not covered by your medical plan.

ANNUAL LEAVE: 208 hours earned each year (in lieu of vacation/sick leave), increasing to 288 hours after 5 years of service. After using a minimum of 80 hours of annual leave during a 12-month period, you may redeem a portion of the accrual annually. Earned annual leave hours are prorated for permanent part-time employees.

MAXIMUM ANNUAL LEAVE ACCRUAL: The maximum number of hours that an employee can accumulate is 880 hours.

11 PAID HOLIDAYS: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and one floating holiday. Paid holiday time is prorated for permanent part-time employees.

TEXTBOOK AND TUITION: The County may reimburse you up to a maximum of $2,000 per fiscal year ($1,000 for Confidential Clerical) for tuition and books for educational endeavors when courses have a reasonable potential for resulting in more effective County service. This benefit is prorated for part-time employees.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: The County will pay up to a maximum of $200 for membership fees to a job-related professional organization.

EDUCATIONAL INCENTIVE: The County may provide up to a 5% incentive pay for educational attainment if not specifically required for your job. You may receive only one form of incentive pay or premium pay and will receive that which provides the greatest incentive.

MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT: If required to use your personal vehicle on County business, you will receive mileage reimbursement at the standard rate established by the IRS for each mile driven. Some job classifications also receive an automobile allowance.

DEFERRED COMPENSATION: You may elect to contribute to one or both of the County's deferred compensation plans (established under Internal Revenue Code Sections 401(k) and 457). If you participate in the County sponsored 401(k) plan, the County will match a part of your contribution up to 3% of your salary, on a pay period basis. You must be regularly scheduled to work at least 40 hours each pay period to be eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan. These plans enable you to build long-term savings while deferring current federal and state income taxes. In addition to pre-tax contributions, you are also able to make after-tax contributions through the Roth option available in the 457 plan.

RETIREMENT/SOCIAL SECURITY: Both the County and you contribute to the Ventura County Employees' Retirement Association (VCERA) and Social Security. VCERA is a defined-benefit pension plan that provides a lifetime retirement after being vested and meeting eligibility requirements. Benefits vest after 5 years of service. Employees hired to work less than 64 hours biweekly participate in a Safe Harbor retirement plan in lieu of VCERA and Social Security.

https://Retirement FAQs (

LONG TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE PLAN: The County provides you with a disability plan which provides benefits for up to 5 years for a disabling illness or injury, in an amount of 66 2/3% of base salary. Limitations and exceptions are outlined in the certificate of insurance. You must be regularly scheduled to work at least 40 hours biweekly to participate in this benefit.

OPTIONAL WAGE SUPPLEMENT PLAN: You may purchase short-term disability coverage in weekly benefit amounts of $45 or $80. You must be regularly scheduled to work 40 hours or more each pay period to participate and must enroll within 90 days of employment.

LIFE INSURANCE: The County provides you with a fully paid $50,000 term life insurance policy. The policy contains an accidental death and dismemberment rider equal to the face value of the policy.

OPTIONAL GROUP LIFE INSURANCE: If you are a regular County employee with a regular work schedule of at least 40 hours per pay period you may purchase term life insurance coverage for either $10,000 or one times your annual base salary, without evidence of insurability, if you enroll within your first 90 days of eligibility. You may also be eligible to purchase term life insurance at group rates for two or three times your annual salary, subject to evidence of insurability. Dependents life insurance is also available for employees who purchase optional life insurance coverage.

DEATH BENEFIT: Your department will provide a $1,000 death benefit payable to your designated beneficiary in the event of your death if you are enrolled in the Flexible Benefits Program.

OTHER BENEFITS: The County also offers an Employee Assistance Program, as well as a Wellness Program, and a Work/Family Program which includes child care and elder care referrals.

This Summary is informational only and cannot modify or affect your benefits in any way, nor shall you accrue any rights because of a statement or omission from this summary. Please refer to Plan Brochures and Management Resolution for details. These documents are available in your department.

Link to Management Resolution - June 2020 (

Union Codes: MB3, MB4, MS, MT, MCC, MU


The eligible list for this recruitment will be established by way of a Training & Experience (T&E) evaluation of your application: therefore, it is imperative that you provide full, complete responses to the supplemental questions below and provide detail in the Work Experience section to support your answers. Your final score will reflect any insufficient and/or missing, inconsistent information. Do you understand this statement?

  • Yes

  • No


    Please select the check box(es) to indicate which of the items below you possess, if any. You may check more than one.

  • Bachelor's degree in civil engineering

  • Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering

  • Bachelor's degree in environmental engineering

  • Registration as a Civil Engineer in California

  • None of the above


    Are you able to possess and maintain a valid California driver license?

  • Yes

  • No


    Describe your training and experience managing large-sized and varied engineering, planning, and/or operations divisions. Include the number of staff managed/supervised. If none, please state "none".


    Describe your experience in leading or supervising other employees. Provide the number of staff supervised/directed, their position titles, and the length of time supervised (years/months). If none, please state "none".


    Describe your experience completing employee evaluations and engaging in progressive discipline. Include the steps of progressive discipline taken and results. If none, please state "none".


    Detail your experience reading and interpreting plans. Include in your response where you gained the experience, number of years, and your role. If none, please state "none".


    Describe your experience writing and/or administering consultant and/or construction contracts. Include your role in the contract administration, the contract amounts, and your years performing this work. If none, please state "none".


    Describe your experience meeting, conferring, or negotiating with or making presentations to regulatory, governmental and/or elected officials, engineers/consultants, private property owners, committees, etc. Specify the types of interactions, who the audience was, and your years performing this work. If none, please state "none".


    Describe your work experience with project management in each of the following areas;

A.) project schedule and cost control and staff management.

B.) budgetary or legal analysis

Include in your response specify your role and years performing this work. If none, please state "none".


Describe your experience in preparing and monitoring annual budgets. If none, please state "none".


Please describe your level of proficiency using each of the following MS Office applications and maintenance management software. Describe the work you performed using these applications and whether you created various documents or used established templates.




•Maintenance Management software

Required Question


Ventura County


800 S. Victoria Avenue

LOC. #1970

Ventura, California, 93009


(805) 654-5129



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