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Hillside Plastics, Inc Machine Technician 2 in Turnersalls, Massachusetts

TURNERS FALLS - full time, working on a rotating 12 hours shift; day shift 7a-7p, or night shift 7p-7a, alternating 36 hour weeks and 48 hour weeks. Job Title: Machine Technician 2 (experienced) Department: Molding Physical Requirements: Employee must be able to: Lift approximately 20 pounds regularly Lift up to 40 pounds occasionally Lift up to 75 pounds rarely Stand for extended periods of time Bend, lift and reach on a regular basis Use both hands to grasp, twist, pull and manipulate parts Tolerate hot and dusty environment Tolerate loud noise General Requirements: Ability to work well with others in a team environment Ability to follow verbal and written instructions Ability to work quickly and accurately Ability to diagnose and solve mechanical problems Job Responsibilities: Equipment operation and repair: Including: operating production machines and equipment to maximize efficiency, trouble-shooting equipment problems, performing minor change overs on machines and other duties including: All the duties in the Machine Technician 1 job description Pulling and cleaning forming pins on all heads Pulling and cleaning screws and heads Mold and insert changes Volume changes with required auxiliary equipment adjustments Top work, moving heads to molds and molds to head, replacing blow pin shafts and impact cylinders Troubleshooting auxiliary equipment, making repairs and adjustments Understanding and demonstrating the following adjustments: back pressure, machine pressure, supplemental melt, extrusion rate. Changing pump cartridges, high and low pressure valves, stack valves Understanding and troubleshooting material feed system, air leaks and hopper valve replacement Take ownership of Level 1 Technicians and share knowledge Maintaining accurate and complete records: Including: filling out machine reports for each molding machine and for auxiliary equipment; reporting equipment and quality problems to supervisor and to oncoming shift; completion of production reports, as needed. Controlling resin and regrind: Including: mixing resins and color concentrates to supply the molding machines with the correct material mixtures; ensuring each molding machine is running the correct resin; keep area for resin mixing and storage clean and organized; sorting, cleaning and granulating flash and rejected product to maximize reuse and minimize loss; cleaning out granulators. Trimming excess plastic from product: Including: removing flash and extraneous pieces from bottles, both manually and by operating or feeding semi ? automatic trimming machines. Inspecting and packing product: Including: performing on-line visual inspection of product, conducting on-line quality testing, rejecting product that does not conform to quality requirements; affixing sleeves, labels and stickers to finished product, as required; packing bottles according to instructions in the product book; keeping pace with the flow of product. Food Safety: Maintain a ?food safe? environment. Report any food safety or quality related issues to the Production Supervisor or Quality Manager Perform all duties necessary to meet Company and Regulatory requirements/standards as prioritized by the Company, HACCP, and SQF. Identify problems relating to Food Safety and the Quality of raw material, processes, quality system, or safety system, by performing Production/Quality Checks as assigned. Initiate action to prevent the occurrence of nonconformities relating to Food Safety and Quality of the product, processes, quality system, or safety system Respond immediately to all quality issues. Notify the Production Supervisor and lab personnel when a bottle quality problem is found. Control further processing or delivery of nonconforming product in terms of Food Safety and Quality issues until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected.