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UL, LLC Client Services Specialist II in Suzhou, China


Thousands of us around the world wake up every day with a common purpose: to make the world a safer, more secure and sustainable place. Science is in our DNA; we are endlessly curious and passionate about seeking and speaking the truth. We take delight in knowing that our work makes a meaningful contribution to society, and we are proud that our culture is centered on integrity, collaboration, inclusion and excellence. UL stands at the forefront of technological advancement, and we are continually challenged to find new ways to foster innovation and positive change. Satisfying? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely!


*1. Receives inquiries from customers from various sources (phone, email and Wechat), answers questions and/or resolves individual problems.

*2. Organize and coordinate assigned client account work in a timely manner.

*3. Provides support for non-technical customer requests and e nsure all requests are clearly documented, communicated and well managed.

*4. Collaborate and coordinate with Operations,Support Services, Quality As surance, Sales, Business Developmentand other affiliated stakeholders to ensure that clients experience superior service.

*5. Follow up on inquiry calls; respond to specific client inquiries promptly and professionally.

*6. Participate in trade shows and technical conferences when necessary.

*7. Maintain up to date knowledge of procedures, client requirements, and technical subject matterand utilize that knowledge to provide superior service and manage programs.

*8. Read and follow the Underwriters Laboratories Code of Conduct, and follow all physical and digital security practices.

*9. Performs other duties as directed.

*1. 通过各类途径(热线电话、电子邮件和公司微信)接收客户的询问,高效并高质量地回答问题和 / 或解决客户问题 。

*2. 及时处理和协调客户工作 。

*3. 为客户非技术性的咨询或申请提供支持,并确保所有客户申请都得到明确记录、沟通并妥善管理 。

*4. 能够与公司其他部门(如销售、业务发展或财务等)保持沟通与合作,以确保客户体验到卓越的服务 。

*5. 跟进查询电话;迅速、专业地回应特定客户的询问 。

*6. 必要时参加贸易展览和技术会议 。

*7. 了解有关作业指导书、客户要求等最新知识,并利用这些知识提供卓越的服务 。

*8. 阅读并遵守 Underwriters Laboratories 行为准则。

*9. 完成公司安排的其他职责


  1. General degree or equivalent,plus two yearsof directly related experience.

  2. Familiarity with industry associations, technical committees, industry best practice which would add value for client program management.

  3. Working knowledge of Word, Excel, Internet, e-mail and other company Software programs (i.e. CRM, Salesforce)

  4. Demonstrated written, oral and interpersonal skills with the ability to effectively communicate with all levels of in-house staff and clients. Must be able to identify problems and offer workable solutions.


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