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DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Region Bridge and Structure Engineer in SUPERIOR, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: This advanced level Civil Engineer position manages and coordinates the State Bridge Structure Inspection Program and the Maintenance Program for State Owned Bridges in assigned regional counties. Work performed includes inspection of state-owned bridges and ancillary structures per state and federal guidelines; development of the six-year improvement program for structure needs; and prioritization of repair needs and development of work orders. Position also oversees the repair work completed by county staff and/or consultants. Special Requirements of this position include: This position requires daily independent travel throughout geographically assigned counties within the region. Occasional travel outside the region can also be expected. Fleet vehicles are available for use and do require driver meets Minimum Driving Standards of DOA Fleet Management. Ability to work outdoors in conditions of heat, cold, humidity, dust, and to walk over rough terrain. Ability to lift and carry objects such as tools or material samples. Ability to work outside of normal working hours. Ability to work in, over or near water, including safely working from a boat. Bridge inspection requires a level of physical agility and strength plus the ability to work at heights up to several hundred feet above ground level safely. Access to inspection areas is gained by entering small access hatches and climbing or descending ladders and also requires crawling on beams and piers. Safety equipment including harnesses and special self-contained breathing equipment may be required. Some inspections require entering and riding in a special bucket suspended underneath the structure from a hydraulic boom on special bridge inspection machines known as a "Snooper" and "Reach-All". ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: A minimally qualified applicant for this position MUST have: A valid Professional Engineer (PE) license is required upon application. Hired candidates must obtain PE from the State of WI within three months of employment in the position. At least 4 years of experience in design, construction or maintenance of transportation structures (structures are defined as bridges, culverts, sound walls, retaining walls or sign bridges) ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: Qualified females, minorities, and special disabled veterans and other veterans are encouraged to apply.