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Google Lab Manager in Sunnyvale, California

Google isn't just a software company. The Hardware Operations team is responsible for monitoring the state-of-the-art physical infrastructure behind Google's powerful search technology. As a Hardware Operations Manager, you will manage a team of Data Center Technicians. You will oversee the quality installation of server hardware and components and take charge of complicated installations/troubleshooting.

Your team will install, configure, test, troubleshoot and maintain hardware (like servers and its components) and server software (like Google's Linux cluster). They will also take on the configuration of more complex components such as networks, routers, hubs, bridges, switches and networking protocols. They may lead small project teams on larger installations and develop project contingency plans.

You will support new product engineering and development in Google’s hardware R&D labs by helping to design, build and maintain complex system-level testbeds (think data center-scale). Our engineering lab team performs the game-saving behind-the-scenes work that allows product development teams to focus on development.

You are an inspirational leader with experience recruiting, developing and guiding a talented team of engineering and operations professionals. You bring a passion for pushing the edge of technology, which fuels your ability to provide top-notch support for ambitious, large-scale and highly experimental engineering projects.

Behind everything our users see online is the architecture built by the Technical Infrastructure team to keep it running. From developing and maintaining our data centers to building the next generation of Google platforms, we make Google's product portfolio possible. We're proud to be our engineers' engineers and love voiding warranties by taking things apart so we can rebuild them. We keep our networks up and running, ensuring our users have the best and fastest experience possible.