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Vantage Plastics Production Operator in Standish, Michigan

ulliMechanical Ability: /li/ululliMust be able to use hand tools,/liliAbility to trouble shoot quality machine problems./li/ulululliConceptual: Can acquire, analyze, interpret information in a logical manner and make process settings that result in quality parts in an efficient manner./li/ul/ululliInter-personal Requirements/liulliCommunication: /li/ul/ululliHave good listening skills./li/ulululliAble to understand follow written communications. Ability to write legibly and convey information. (operator log)/li/ul/ululliSafetyulliMaintain a safe and clean work environment./liliComply with company safety policies including lockout and tag out. (uses safety switches)/liliAlways wear all required PPErsquo;s (Work boots, Gloves, Ear Plugs, Safety Glasses)/liliMachine Analysis (Yes or No):/li/ul/li/ululliQuality/li/ululliComply with production quality processes, procedures and work instructions./liliTake all required measurements. (Measure cooled part every hour and document measurement every two hours on the Production Inspection report)/liliFollow all ISO procedures, including labeling of parts./liliRead and understand all the information in the production blue books./li/ululliSpecific Job Responsibilities/liulliResponsible for logging in and out of production jobs as required for accurate data collection./liliResponsible running production jobs to standard. (Understand how to achieve targeted parts per hour)./liliResponsible for accurate and timely machine set-ups. (less than 1 hour 45 minutes)/liliResponsible notifying a team leader whenever two scrap have been run, so they can assist with getting the machine running good parts again./liliResponsible for filling out any and all production related forms. Ex: (Operator log, production inspection reports, job traveler and machine set-up sheets)/liliResponsible for measuring the production parts every hour and documenting the sizes every three hours./liliResponsible for understanding and following product specifications and producing a clean product free of any dust or debris./liliResponsible for putting away the brooms and shovels when theyrsquo;re not being used./liliResponsible for keeping the assigned work area clean and organized./liliResponsible for the assigned tool boxes and the tools in the boxes. (report any missing tools at the beginning of your shift to avoid charges)/liliResponsible for always putting the first article trays with the production tool when it is pulled out of the production machine./liliResponsible for putting the blue book in the team leader office when the job is complete./liliResponsible for filling out the job traveler, so sheet and finished goods can be easily reconciled./liliResponsible for following all ISO related processes for labeling and identification./liliResponsible for notifying the material handlers when materials need to be returned to inventory at the end of every production job./li/ul/ul