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MERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS INC. Import/Export Trade Manager in SOUTH JORDAN, Utah

SUMMARY OF DUTIES Ensures that international shipping paperwork includes accurate and all required information so that shipments are released by Customs and other Regulatory bodies in a timely manner. Ensures that shipments comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations governing international trade. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS PERFORMED * Coordinates and prepares import/export documents such as Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Free Trade certificates, * Manages Temporary Import Bonds ("TIB's"). * Maintains US Customs Bonds. * Maintains tariff/HS codes for all products in Oracle, such as new revisions, new products, acquisitions, etc. * Determines if products qualify for preferential treatment under free trade agreements (e.g., USMCA, USKR) and then generates and issues the free trade certificate. * Reviews and ensures that commercial invoices, shipping documents, and other import/export documentation are accurate and conforms to legal, government, and Customs' regulations. * Oversees the creation of international shipment documentation to ensure they are accurate and complete. * Monitors delayed shipments and provides required information to Customs and Regulatory bodies (e.g., FDA) to get delayed shipments released and delivered as quickly as possible. * Interfaces with internal and external customers, freight forwarders, customs officials and other functional experts to ensure timely delivery of shipments and compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. * Prepares documents for freight forwarders. * Creates shipment paperwork for ad-hoc shipments such as Engineering and marketing samples. * Ensures that new products from company acquisitions are set up properly in Oracle such as weights, dimensions, HS Codes, FDA information, etc. * Coordinates special customer requirements such as labeling, one sample per lot, etc. * Performs other duties and tasks, as required. ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL/ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS * Lifting -- Not to exceed 50 lbs. -- local practice may apply. * Writing * Sitting * Standing * Bending * Visual acuity * Color perception * Depth perception * Reading * Field of vision/peripheral SUMMARY OF MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS * Education equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree and five years of related experience. * Working knowledge of international trade, including customs brokerage operations and global trade compliance. * Demonstrated human relations and effective written and verbal communication skills. * Demonstrated computer skills preferably spreadsheets, word processing, database and other applicable software programs. * Strong organizational skills and the ability to be self-motivated and be detailed oriented. * Ability to interpret, analyze and understand regulations. * Excellent customer service skills. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS * Experience shipping medical devices or other products that are regulated by the US FDA and/or similar regulatory bodies globally. * Experience with the US FDA's import/export program and with issuing and managing Temporary Import Bonds. COMPETENCIES * Document compilation and coordination * Accurate record keeping and document preparation * Customer service skills * Computer skills * International trade/customs brokerage operations/global trade compliance COMMENTS Infectious Control Risk Category III: The risk category explains whether or not employees are likely to come into contact with blood or body fluids while performing their jobs. Risk category III states employment and procedures that do not require exposure. N/A EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER M/F/D/V. Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled