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Jungle Scout Affiliate Marketing Manager in Shenzhen, United States

If you know the digital marketing world, you know that affiliate marketers drive significant interest, traffic, and revenue. Affiliate marketing is a channel that lends credibility to a company from the get-go.

Since 2015, Jungle Scout has grown an affiliate network with some of the top influencers in the digital marketing and ecommerce space, recommending our product?.all without any active recruiting or management. Our affiliate program was built on inbound interest in a product that hundreds of thousands of sellers and soon-to-be sellers rely on to launch and grow Amazon businesses.

We are now starting to build out our affiliate program and we need your help to ensure that it is a best-in-class program. This Affiliate Marketer will work closely with the China Regional Manager to grow affiliate network and revenues. This is a full-time position based out of our Shenzhen office.

What You Will Do:

  • Recruit new affiliates. While we have a fantastic network of affiliates who send high volumes of qualified traffic, there are many thought leaders and affiliates who would crush it if they shared Jungle Scout with their audience. They just need a little bit of attention and information before they realize the opportunity they?ve been missing. It will be one of your primary responsibilities to identify these needle-moving affiliates, and to get them on board to join our affiliate program.

  • Manage affiliate relationships. We have an amazing group of affiliates who have helped drive the growth of Jungle Scout to be the industry-leading software for Amazon sellers. These affiliates deserve dedicated support, relationships, and information to help them in their entrepreneurial pursuits of bringing key information to their audiences. You, as the Affiliate Marketer, are their conduit to everything that they need at Jungle Scout. The end result is a win-win scenario in which they have all of the tools they need to present Jungle Scout in the best light possible.

  • Support affiliates. Related to the role of Management above, you will also be providing the intel to share best practices of how they can ramp up their affiliate sales. This is where the foundation of digital marketing expertise comes into play, where you will advise on how the affiliates can maximize their conversion rates and affiliate commissions. This responsibility will help differentiate Jungle Scout as the most personable and fruitful relationship that an affiliate has.

  • Plan for events and webinars with affiliates. You will be planning for events to increase our brand awareness and grow sales with our affiliates.

  • Analyze key metrics. We are a data-driven company. You?ll analyze key metrics of our affiliate network to identify opportunities to test new approaches and improve performance!

Who You Are:

  • You are/were an Amazon Seller or have work experience in the cross-border eCommerce industry so you can speak the same languages as our targeting audiences.

  • Experienced in Marketing and Sales. This is a role that sits at the intersection of sales and marketing. You have a strong marketing foundation, and the tenacity and technique of a seasoned sales veteran to close deals and grow our network. You have a solid understanding of email automations, Google Analytics, and more. You will be initiating new campaign ideas, outreach campaigns, and marketing strategies every day. There isn?t going to be time to learn the basics on the job.

  • Fluent in Chinese. Chinese is your native language.

  • Fluent in English. You can communicate with team members in written and spoken English.

  • Process-Driven. There will be a lot of moving parts, between growing the affiliate network, helping existing customers, and analyzing campaign activity to ensure affiliates are delivering the best possible ROI. Oh, and they will want to get paid exactly when we said they would get paid. We need an efficient and scalable process to keep the trains running on time. You set the schedule, and the process, for this.

  • Entrepreneurial. There are no set rules to this game, as long as everything is legal, ethical, and no one gets hurt! So with an unlimited upside, the truly successful Affiliate Marketer will get scrappy, entrepreneurial, and proactive on a daily basis. If you thrive under rules and supervision, this may not be for you. If you like the thrill of ambiguity and endless possibilities, let?s speak further?..

  • Persuasive Communicator. You are interacting with incredibly smart results-driven entrepreneurs on a daily basis. They will be short on time, and high on expectations. It will be you responsibility to give a cogent pitch on why they need to join the Jungle Scout affiliate program, like, yesterday. Moreover, you will be relying on salesmanship for so many aspects of building a successful affiliate program, that concise and persuasive written and verbal communication is going to be essential.

  • Quick learner. You can learn a market and grasp customer needs quickly.

  • Hardworking & driven. You can work hard, deliver excellent results, and complete projects before the deadline.

  • Team player. You are a team player and good at collaborating with team members.

  • Bonus Points: Flexible Schedule. You can adjust schedules if needed in order to communicate with other team members in different time zones.

About Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon, with the mission of providing powerful data and insights to help entrepreneurs and brands grow successful Amazon businesses.

The Jungle Scout team is a group of smart, motivated, and fun-loving professionals working hard to help our customers achieve success. We have employees across the world as well as in our hub offices in Austin TX USA; Vancouver BC Canada; and Shenzhen GD China.

We offer workplace flexibility, competitive compensation packages, insurance, generous vacation, and professional development to help you thrive in your career. The entire Jungle Scout team also gathers for annual all-expenses-paid retreats ? past locations have included Bali, Bangkok, Vietnam, Budapest, Mexico, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Check us out! (