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Universal Forest Products Senior Design Specialist in San Antonio, Texas

The Senior Design Specialist is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and implementation of design standards related to software, processes, and best practices under the direction of regional design leadership.

Location: Can office out of any Site Built Location in Texas.

  • Standardize product codes across the region. o Lumber deck comparison/understanding by plant. o Metal plates comparison/understanding by plant. o Clearly identify what each product code is for and make sure it is used correctly. o Clean up "not needed" or "old" codes. o Create an interactive database and search tool for the right codes that can be used across the region.
  • Standardize MiTek SE program and design procedures for the region. o Create different schemes as needed to make the designers' work more efficient. o Standardize Layouts for the region. Information needed on each depending on product as well as loose material tables, change log tables, etc. o Standardize process for design.  Wall Stacking procedure by plant (who/how/etc.).  How do we upload trusses to MBA?  What information gets filled in MBA and why.  Design Specification standards (Roofs, walls, floors, SF&CMF).
  • Generate standards from the General to the specific for the different markets we service.
  • Make standards available for all designers and easy to follow. We are currently working very closely with East region on this.
  • Clarify the process for designers to send work to production. Make it fit to all our region's plants. MBA to Management transition. o Transform all product codes from MBA to Management and make sure that they still work. Set up Management to work the most efficient way for the region, following national standards from our weekly meetings and agreements. o Create standard processes for all Management users, including admin, designers, and production. o Work very closely with Matt on gadgets and tools to help interaction between Outside Management schedules and tools, and Management. o Test Management at all different plants to make sure switch to Management goes as smoothly as possible. o Train local plant users on better ways to use Management the same way throughout the region. o Report to National Management Committee findings and what to do's and don'ts based on experience of transforming West plants.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled