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Utilities Service, LLC Overhead Foreman - ULCS Region 102 in Salisbury, North Carolina

We are currently seeking an Overhead Foreman to join our Utility Lines Construction Services, Inc. team in the Overhead Maintenance and Construction Department.

We offer excellent opportunities for career oriented individuals that want to be a part of our team. Our goal is to provide a safe work environment for all of our employees to perform quality work with our many clients. ULCS employees share in Productivity and Safety Incentive programs. We also offer an excellent compensation package that includes a competitive benefits package, paid holidays, and paid vacation. Flame Retardant clothing is provided for all employees at no cost to them. Various work locations do offer employee payroll deduct programs for work boots and tools for the job.

Our company performs work within the South Eastern Region of the United Stated. Many projects have immediate openings. Our region offices are located in Indian Trail, North Carolina, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. We offer year round employment with a company that values the team approach toward building quality projects. If you are looking for your next career advancement and are a goal oriented person that wants to work for a company that values safety and appreciates good employees, please apply today.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Directs and assists crew with setting poles and anchors.

  • Directs and assists crew with stringing overhead wire.

  • Directs and assists crew with proper sagging techniques.

  • Directs and assists crew with installing transformers, lightening arrestors, cutouts, crossarms, insulators, switches and switchgear.

  • Directs and assists crew with troubleshooting trouble in primary and secondary systems.

  • Directs and assists crew with replacing cutout fuses and clearing faulted circuits and systems.

  • Obtaining daily job description from General Foreperson.

  • Ensuring the prints are competed for each specific job and always returning prints to the General Foreperson.

  • Ensure daily testing and inspection of assigned tools and equipment.

  • Maintain company equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Ability to problem solve with unidentified circumstances on any particular job.

  • Implementing and enforcing the safety program at the field level.

  • Responsible for the safety and health of his or her employees.

  • Setting safety standards and expectations for the crew.

  • Ensuring employees are trained and qualified to perform the work

  • Ensuring the employees thoroughly understand all safety rules pertaining to assigned work.

  • Ensuring quality job briefings are conducted.

  • Performing safety inspections utilizing the job behavior observation program and tool/

Equipment /required manuals inspection.

  • Enforcing strict compliance with all rules and regulations.

  • Coaching, counseling and correcting unsafe behavior.

  • Weather permitting, this is a 40 hour per week job.

  • Any other duties related to the installation of overhead power supply.

  • Ensuring tools, equipment and vehicles are in safe working order.

  • Ensuring proper equipment and materials are loaded for the job.

  • Ensuring equipment and material are used correctly at the job site.

  • Enter onto personal/commercial property.

  • Stopping work when unsafe acts or conditions are identified.

  • Reports all injuries no matter how minor to the Supervision/General Foreperson Immediately.

  • Reports all incidents and near misses to Supervision/General Foreperson.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Due to the inherently dangerous nature of the industry and the requirements to work with or around hazardous equipment, employees must be able to maintain attention and concentration for extended periods of time.

  • Must have basic knowledge of reading prints/google earth images. (ie. Proper sense of direction)

  • Must wear approved Fire Retardant clothing.

  • Must be able to inspect/wear necessary PPE.

  • Must have knowledge to know when wearing PPE is expected.

  • Must be able to safely drive an approved company vehicle.

  • Must be able to enter and exit a vehicle numerous times a day.

  • Must be able to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather while completing work assignments, i.e., rain, heat, sun, cold.

  • Must be able to traverse various terrains.

  • Must be able to write, read and comprehend written and verbal job instructions/information.

  • Must possess strong communication skills both written and spoken.

  • Must be able to communicate and handle confrontations professionally.

  • Must have transportation to and from the show up location.

  • Must be able to maintain attention as dangerous tasks occur often.

  • Must be able to lift, move and maneuver 50 pounds or more on a frequent basis.

  • Must have endurance necessary to perform these duties throughout a standard eight or ten hour day. Must be able to work long hours and overtime during emergencies (including holidays, weekends, etc. Subject to call out work).

  • Must have knowledge of heavy equipment.

  • Must have sufficient eyesight to judge distances and coordination to get and use the appropriate equipment and tools.

  • Must have knowledge of Working with energized high voltage systems requiring specific skill set.

  • Must have knowledge of installing and removing a service.

  • Must be able to identify primary and secondary voltage.

  • Must have knowledge of tying in a primary conductor.

  • Must have knowledge of phasing a circuit through a substation.

  • Must be able to identify induced voltage.

  • Must have knowledge of checking voltage on transformers.

  • Must have knowledge of a one shot on a recloser.

  • Must have knowledge of grounding procedures.

  • Must have understanding of flag and tag procedures.

  • Must be able to identify different materials used in linework.

  • Must have understanding of Kellum grips.

  • Must have knowledge of phasing sticks.

  • Must have knowledge of load break tool.

  • Must have knowledge of a reconductoring job.

  • Must be capable of working heights or confined spaces.

  • Must have knowledge of trenching and shoring.

  • Must have knowledge of rigging, hand lines, and lineman knot tying.

  • Must have knowledge of making and using a hand line

  • Must have knowledge of assisting hooking up a single or three phase transformer.

  • Must be able to inspect/use proper cover up.

  • Must have knowledge of minimum approach distance.

  • Must be capable of bucket rescue.

  • Must have knowledge of safely installing and removing a mechanical jumper.

  • Must be able to climb different structures and possess the tools to do the climb.

  • Must be able to identify, operate and service all required tools and equipment.(i.e., bucket truck, digger derrick truck, tensioners, puller, rollers, hand tamp, chain saw, concrete saw, shovel)

  • Must be able to operate and service all required tools and equipment.

  • Must be willing to travel out of state for emergency storm work.

  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen.

  • Must be able to pass a background check.

  • Must have a valid CDL driver’s license.

  • Must have proven previous OH Maintenance experience.

Physical Requirements:

Meaning of Terms:

  • Rarely = less than 10%

  • Occasionally = up to 33%

  • Frequently = up to 66%

  • Continuously = from 67% to 100%

Individuals must be able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation. Individuals with a disability who desire a reasonable accommodation should contact the ADA Coordinator at 1-800-248-8733, ext. 1339.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and vets.

























Range of Motion




Hearing – Speech Range




Depth Perception


Body Twisting


Color Vision






Sense of Touch




Manual Dexterity




Speaking Clearly




Seeing Distant


Climbing Ladders


Climbing On/Off Truck


Climbing Stairs


Climbing Poles






Lifting Up to 10 lbs.


Lifting Over 10 lbs. to 50 lbs.


Lifting Up to 50 lbs.