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OES OSHKOSH EQUIPMENT SALES Paint and bodyshop in OSHKOSH, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Operate or tend painting machines to paint surfaces of transportation equipment, such as automobiles, buses, trucks, trains, boats, and airplanes. Includes painters in auto body repair facilities. Allow the sprayed product to dry and touch up any missed spots. Apply designs, lettering, or other identifying or decorative items to finished products, using paint brushes or paint sprayers. Apply primer over any repairs made to vehicle surfaces. Clean equipment and work areas. Disassemble, clean, and reassemble sprayers or power equipment, using solvents, wire brushes, and cloths. Dispose of hazardous waste in an appropriate manner. Fill small dents or scratches with body fillers and smooth surfaces to prepare vehicles for painting. Lay out logos, symbols, or designs on painted surfaces, according to blueprint specifications, using measuring instruments, stencils, or patterns. Monitor painting operations to identify flaws, such as blisters or streaks, and correct their causes. Pour paint into spray guns and adjust nozzles and paint mixes for proper paint flow and coating thickness. Remove accessories, such as chrome or mirrors, from vehicles and mask other surfaces with tape or paper to protect them from paint. Remove grease, dirt, paint, or rust from vehicle surfaces in preparation for paint application, using abrasives, solvents, brushes, blowtorches, washing tanks, or sandblasters. Sand and apply sealer to properly dried vehicle finish. Sand vehicle surfaces between coats of paint or primer to remove flaws and enhance adhesion for subsequent coats. Select the correct spray gun system for the material being applied. Set up portable equipment, such as ventilators, exhaust units, ladders, or scaffolding. Spray prepared surfaces with specified amounts of primers and decorative or finish coatings. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply In Person: 3664 Nekimi Avenue Oshkosh, WI 54902 E-Mail a R sum : Call For Appointment: 920-231-1188