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OGE Energy Corp. Distribution Lineman in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Position Summary:

Performs a variety of duties related to the installation, operation, repair, and maintenance of overhead and/or underground distribution systems, transmission facilities, and street light systems to provide continuous and dependable electric service to customers.

Primary Duties:

  • Investigates and documents events of cut or damaged cable and other company facilities.

  • Operates a variety of electronic and other test equipment with a high degree of efficiency.

  • Constructs and maintains overhead and underground distribution or transmission systems in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Climb poles, set poles and string wire, utilizes and operates equipment (e.g., aerial bucket trucks, and other construction equipment), materials, and manpower in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

  • Perform substation and operating duties as operating feeder control devices and transmission/distribution switching.


  • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent.

  • Five (5) years progressive Lineman experience and completion of OGE Apprentice Program, or one (1) year of equivalent Journey Lineman experience (i.e.

  • Electric Utility certified Journeyman Lineman).

  • Valid Class A Commercial Driver's License with DOT certification required.

  • Required to maintain permanent residence within a 30 minute driving time to assigned service center.

Preferred Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of electrical principles.

  • Demonstrated ability to climb poles and work at heights up to and exceeding thirty (30) feet.

  • Demonstrated ability to adhere to learn and adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and company policies.

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing.

  • Demonstrated ability to interact effectively and professionally with team members, leaders, and customers.

  • Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot, diagnosis problems, and resolve effectively.

  • Demonstrated ability to understand equipment, systems, and processes.

  • Demonstrated ability to use common purpose hand tools and other materials of various craft trades.

  • Demonstrated ability to adjust and adapt across varied working conditions.

  • Demonstrated knowledge and adherence to safety requirements and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • Mechanical skills and familiarity working with mechanical equipment (e.g., aerial bucket trucks, construction equipment).

  • Demonstrated ability to work efficiently under minimal supervision.

  • Computer skills with knowledge of MS-Office Suite (e.g., Outlook).

  • Knowledge of basic math.

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks.

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of utility lighting systems.

Working Conditions:

  • Required to work at heights up to and exceeding thirty (30) feet.

  • Required to work with voltages up to 34.5 kV.

  • Required to work non-standard work schedules to include on-call, overtime, weekends, holidays, and call-outs.

  • Exposed to extreme conditions and inclement weather.

  • Maintains or obtain all required certifications (e.g., Class A Switching, Confined Space).

  • Successfully complete Lineman and Switching Schools under the Apprentice Program.

  • Required to operate motor vehicle safely in all traffic, weather and light conditions.

  • May be required to work under hazardous conditions.

  • Requires wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • Required to work away from home for extended periods, as needed.

  • Physical Demands

  • Constantly Standing

  • Frequently Walking

  • Occasionally Sitting

  • Frequently Lifting up to 50 pounds

  • Frequently Carrying up to 50 pounds

  • Frequently Pushing up to 115 pounds

  • Frequently Pulling up to 83 pounds

  • Frequently Climbing

  • N/A Balancing

  • Frequently Stooping

  • Occasionally Kneeling

  • Occasionally Crouching

  • Occasionally Crawling

  • Frequently Reaching

  • N/A Handling

  • Occasionally Grasping

  • N/A Feeling

  • N/A Talking

  • N/A Hearing

  • Occasionally Repetitive Motions

  • Occasionally Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination

  • For additional information about physical demands, go to demands

Special Safety Requirements:

  • This position is a classified as a Safety-Sensitive Job under state law. Individuals in this position are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in OGE Energy Corp.'s Drug Testing Plan.

  • This position is a classified as a Safety-Sensitive Function under United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) regulations. Individuals in this position are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in OGE Energy Corp.'s USDOT Drug Testing Plan.

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