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Floral Long Term Care Director of SOCIAL SERVICES in Nashville, Tennessee



JOB SUMMARY: The primary focus of the Director of Social Services is to assist in the resident's adjustment to the facility and maintain the highest possible level of psycho-social functioning within the facility environment. A secondary focus is to provide discharge planning when necessary to home or other appropriate facilities.


  1. Either a B.A. in Psychology or Sociology; a B.A. or M.A. in Social Work; or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker's certificate.

  2. Two years experience in the field of social work in a long term care environment is preferred.


  1. Must be physically and mentally capable of performing routine job duties.

  2. An understanding of the psycho-social dynamic of the geriatric population and ability to empathize and provide guidance to them.

  3. Be personable with residents, families, and staff in a professional and cooperative manner.

  4. Must have compassion, tolerance, and understanding for the elderly.

  5. Knowledge of hospital discharge planning and policies as it relates to the long term care population.

  6. Knowledge of JCAHO, OBRA, IDPH, and HFS regulations relevant to social services, discharge procedures, and advanced directives.


A. Support the facility's philosophy of care and strive to achieve its goals and objectives.

B. Greet new residents to the facility and orient them to the building and staff.

C. Maintain appropriate departmental documentation:

a) assess all new residents upon admission and complete the social service initial admission notes, social history, social assessment, and discharge planning when appropriate.

b) write quarterly and annual updates of Social Assessment and Social History.

c) record all significant events in resident's life and social service contacts.

d) monitor and assist psychosocial staff in maintaining psychosocial notes as well as provide additional supervision and support to psychosocial aids.

e) inform and educate residents/families/legal representative regarding the importance of pre-paid burial/ funeral arrangements and follow up with the completion of the above arrangements.

D. Complete the Social Service Section of the MDS form upon admission, quarterly, annually and/or in cases of significant change.

E. Maintain as much personal contact as possible with the resident and his/her family or guardian in order to continue good relations and to determine changing conditions and needs.

F. Coordinate room changes and make calls to families when necessary. Distribute list of changes to each involved department and document each room change in resident's medical record verifying change and justifying the need in accordance with IDPH regulations.

G. Address problems of residents and families and attempt to reconcile differences when possible.

H. Remain current and provide information to residents and families regarding Advanced Directives and assist in completion of documents as needed. Coordinate obtaining physician acknowledgments and signatures for surrogate forms. Maintain currency of all signed DNR forms and the list of all residents who have them in the data base.

I. Contact families of private pay residents immediately after discharge to determine type of bed hold desired and report information to the billing office.

J. Send bed hold letters for each discharge to hospital to Public Aid and private residents and answer questions generated by these letters.

K. Provide information about community resources to families of residents.

L. Meet with representatives from community agencies such as home health care and agencies providing outside programs for residents.

M. Coordinate discharge planning for appropriate residents:

a) complete the MDS discharge form when necessary.

b) contact families to arrange care giving and/or transportation.

c) contact home health agencies to give referral and provide adequate information to the intake nurse.

d) obtain through nursing the correct physician's orders and provide nursing with information regarding home health agency.

e) order appropriate equipment from DME provider in conjunction with physical and occupational therapy and the patient as to type, cost, and size.

f) Document referral information and discharge disposition for the medical record.

g) make referrals to other social service agencies such as home delivered meals and homemaker services as needed.

h) create discharge packet with information for patients and families.

N. Track MDS and care plans for timeliness and accuracy as well as complete appropriate sections of the MDS.

O. Maintain complaint book.

P. Conduct Family meetings for families of residents.

Q. Develop rapport with social workers/discharge planners in area hospitals.

R. Attend Care Plan, admissions, rehabilitation, marketing, Performance Improvement, and Medicare meetings and others as deemed appropriate.

S. Keep resident's rights current and up-to-date with state and federal regulations.

T. Maintain departmental standards to meet JCAHO requirements.

U. When necessary, act in the capacity of the admissions director:

a) conduct tours.

b) answer questions from referral sources and families.

c) complete admission packets with residents and/or families.

d) coordinate admissions and readmissions with staff.

V. Maintain contact with court representatives regarding legal guardianship procedures for residents.

W. Coordinate all aspects of hospice care for those residents or families who choose hospice care.

X. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of any changes in JCAHO, Federal, and State regulations, modify department policies to assure compliance, and in-service all effected personnel accordingly.

Y. Implement any plan of correction as required by State and Federal surveys in

the social services department.

Z. Furnish information regarding residents only to authorized agencies or people.

AA. Follow established fire, disaster, safety, infection control, and evacuation policies and procedures.

AB. Perform other related duties as directed by the Administrator.