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JOB REQUIREMENTS: PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY Perform set-up and operation, as necessary, of all equipment to produce parts in accordance with specifications where parts may be diversified having close dimensions, or other requirements. Job Specific Set up, align and secure tooling, set stop gauges, automation, program, vision system and safety devices. Ensure accuracy of components / materials for the part and process are adhered to. Work from drawings, blueprints, customer specifications, work orders and/or job layouts. Perform first piece inspection/and or inspection of parts to ensure parts are produced per specification or print; obtain sign off by Quality Control personnel. Perform random visual and/or inspection of parts using template, gauges or sample on a regular basis. Remove tooling after production run is complete; observe tooling for any issue that may have occurred during the production run. Document any needed work that needs to be completed prior to the next production run. Be alert to any malfunction of equipment, tooling or part so production can be stopped prior to incurring substantial damage to the equipment or tooling. Cross train on other equipment as directed to ensure production needs can be met. Assist Material Handler as needed to move finished parts, containers and bins for the department. Be sure production area is clear of previous job components prior to starting next set up. Ensure good housekeeping practices are followed in the Department including organization and cataloging documenting of tooling and set up information. Comply with all safety and environmental regulations and procedures. Operate production machines as required to meet business and or customer requirements. Report all labor hours by entering information correctly in terminal. Company Specific Understand that every employee has the right and obligation to stop production and contact a Lead or Supervisor immediately if they deem it to be unsafe and/or if they have any quality concerns. Complete jobs to customer specifications in a timely manner Maintain an orderly and clean work area at all times. Understand and adhere to Capitol Stampings Quality policies, procedures and requirements. Watch and anticipate potential problems with work flow, materials or parts. Learn and follow all procedures associated with the assembly area Qualifications Must have some high school or equivalent experience Must be able to understand simple to moderately complex... For full info follow application link. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. This company will provide equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status. Information collected regarding categories as provided by law will in no way affect the decision regarding an employment application. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: