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Smith Gardens Spay Technician in Marysville, Washington

JOB FUNCTION: Responsible for the quality of our products as it relates to IPM. Scouting and proper application of chemical and/or biological controls to ensure plants meet our customers' expectations while advancing our mission to grow environmentally friendly plants. Coordinates staff on the latest and safest practices in preventing and managing pests and diseases.Duties: *Apply, manage, and refine a comprehensive IPM plan including; bio controls, beneficial insects, natural predators, trapping, and spraying. *Assisting in the application; as well as coordination of pest management personnel to ensure that all employees who perform pest control have the necessary training, are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment, and have the tools to accomplish their responsibilities in a timely manner. *Train and coordinate with growing staff to scout crops for insect and disease pressure, reporting results to supervisor. *Fulfill WPS standards and compliance with aid and direction supervisor. *Keep records current and posted, including chemical sprays and drench *Maintain SDS binder, pesticide label binder, and record any incidents or pesticide related complaints. *Serve as an active member of the safety *Inventory, order, and maintain chemicals, and *Responsible for month end chemical inventory and year end chemical *Work as part of a team to oversee weekly weed management involving herbicide spot *Schedule, coordinate, and apply pre-emergent herbicide *Assist in the application, coordination, and training of growing staff regarding proper technique and differences in applying Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) and crop protectants.