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Sparrow Health System NUCLEAR MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST in Lansing, Michigan

table width="100%"tbodytrtdNUCLEAR MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST/td/trtrtd class="fontcolorblueu" valign="bottom" height="25"/td/trtrtdPart time - variable day/afternoon shifts to include weekends./td/trtrtd class="fontcolorblueu" valign="bottom" height="25"/td/trtrtdPositions Location: Lansing, MIdivh2 class="sectionHeader" style="border-bottom: 3px solid #BBBBBB; margin: 15px 0; padding: 5px 0; font-size: 120%;"Job Description/h2General Purpose of Job:In accordance with established protocol, performs diagnostic nuclear medicine studies and therapeutic treatments, to image patient organs and circulatory system using radionuclide's and nuclear imaging equipment. Prepares radio pharmaceuticals for use in scans, performs all duties following appropriate radiation safety guidelines and maintains records and logs regarding studies and radioactive materials used. Performs clerical and other related duties as assigned.Essential Duties:emThis job description is intended to cover the minimum essential duties assigned on a regular basis. Caregivers may be asked to perform additional duties as assigned by their leader. Leadership has the right to alter or modify the duties of the position./emulliVerifies patient identity and physician order prior to isotope or medication administration. Reviews patient medical records and obtains pertinent data prior to the study. Explains procedure to patient and works to allay fear and anxiety. Prepares and positions patient for scans./liliAdministers radionuclide's appropriate for scan to be performed. Performs organ visualization procedures, function tests, and dynamic blood flow studies to produce scans suitable for diagnostic use. Uses nuclear medicine equipment to image organs identified by the radioactive materials administered. Scans images produced on a computer screen, notes unclear areas, and adjusts equipment accordingly. Selects and produces desired images. Monitors imaging, processing, and final preparation of data prior to interpretation./liliConducts quality assurance procedures on cameras, dose calibration equipment, and radionuclide's. Maintains all records and logs required by regulatory agencies, particularly regarding radioactive materials. Properly decays and disposes of radioactive materials in accordance with regulatory agencies./liliCalculates and draws up radioactive dosages. Prepares kits for scans to be done according to the immediate use provision of USP 797. Orders radionuclide's needed for exams. Administers radionuclide's to the patient, either by direct venipuncture, oral administration, subcutaneous, inhalation, IV access, shunt access or port, depending on the proper route of administration for the procedure./liliObserves all radiation measurement and safety procedures. Conducts area surveys to detect possible contamination, conducts wipe tests and daily personal contamination checks. Follows correct decontamination procedures in the event of a radioactive spill./liliPerforms various clerical and related duties such as assisting in the scheduling of patients and maintenance of radioactive material records, which indicate radio pharmaceuticals received and administered and patient usage. Orders and stocks radio pharmaceuticals. Performs incidental patient transport and assistance to patients./