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Wellspring Calening Services Cleaning Technician in Lakewood, Washington

Cleaning Technician play the most important role in our company andndash; providing cleaning services to our clients. Under the general direction of the Supervisor, the cleaning technician is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing client locations according to the cleaning specifications for each building.DUTIES1. Cleaning tasks include but are not limited to cleaning entryways and public areas, trash removal, dusting, cleaning floor surfaces, cleaning, and restocking supplies in restrooms, breaks rooms and coffee centers.2. Listen and communicate clearly and maintain positive interpersonal and cooperative relationships with co-workers, clients, and management. 3. Plan, organize, and accurately follow through on work activities with time constraints and interruptions to meet deadlines as well as to work independently with a minimum amount of directions and/or supervision.4. Remain flexible, resilient, calm, maintain a sense of humor and to regularly present a well-groomed, professional image. RESPONSIBILITIES1. Clean and maintain janitor/ storage closet and company vehicles in a clean, organized, and safe manner.2. Maintain all equipment and supplies in a safe and operable condition.3. Ensure proper labeling on all cleaning chemical containers.4. Ensure proper dilution ratios of cleaning chemicals.5. Sweep entryway inside and out, dust and remove cobwebs, remove fingerprints and soil from door and glass, vacuum mats, carpet, mop floors.6. Clean all public areas including lobby, reception area, elevators, and stairwells.7. Straighten furniture andndash; push chairs into desks and conference room tables, straighten chairs and magazines in lobbies. 8. Empty all trash cans, replace liners, and clean receptables as needed. 9. Dust horizontal and vertical surfaces. 10. Clean tabletops, sinks, microwaves, drinking fountains and refrigerators in all rooms. 11. Clean and sanitize restrooms (toilet bowls, shower, sinks, bathtubs, etc.) and restock supplies. 12. Sweep, vacuum, and mop all floor surfaces. 13. Wipe down, clean and sanitize ovens, stove, cooktops, burners.14. Clean up spills on floors and carpets as necessary (except blood spills andndash; only trained personnel are required to clean blood spills)15. Greet clients in a polite, respectful, and helpful manner to ensure positive relationships. Screen and route requests to supervisor if necessary, provide timely and accurate customer service support. 16. Perform other duties as requested or required by management.REQUIREMENTS1. Must have flexible availability (depends on clients' needs), may need to work evenings or overnight shifts.2. Regular, consistent, and punctual attendance is an essential function of this position. 3. The position requires the employee to travel to more than one client location.4. The ability to drive and the ability to access clients' homes, offices, work areas which may not be routinely wheelchair accessible are required.5. Moderate physical activities, which may include pulling, pushing, lifting, reaching, bending, stooping and repetitive movement; lift and/or carry up to 30 pounds.6. Use of cleaning products, which require the use of protective gloves and eyewear. 7. Safety is utmost importance. Cleaning Technician must work in a way that complies with all safety regulations required by Wellspring Cleaning Services and OSHA.8. Must be able to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing.QUALIFICATIONS1. Experience as a cleaning technician