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COUNTY OF KENOSHA Social Worker - DCFS, CPS Unit in KENOSHA, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: The Initial Assessment Case Manager/Social Worker investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect in Kenosha County. These investigations (initial assessments), are conducted in the community and focus on assessing: child safety, child maltreatment, adult functioning, adult parenting practices, child functioning, and overall family functioning. If children are unsafe, the worker develops a safety plan that can include placement of children into foster care. This position also refers families for services, attends Juvenile Court, and works collaboratively with other community stakeholders. In addition, this position rotates into the Access Office to receive phone calls from citizens who are reporting allegations of child abuse and neglect. Primary responsibility is completing initial assessments (investigations) regarding allegations of child maltreatment. Duties include: Interviews alleged victim(s), siblings, parents, and all household members. Assesses child safety including the adult's protective capacities and the physical condition of the home. If children are unsafe, develops a safety plan to ensure child safety, including placement of children into foster care when necessary for safety. Works directly with biological families, foster families, alternate care providers, and community agencies in the interest of child safety and improving child and family well-being. Maintains client and child contact as required by State Standards. Makes referrals to community-based service agencies and monitors progress. Researches placement options and prepares necessary referrals to out-of-home care settings for children. Prepares required court paperwork and notices, provides recommendations to the court, and testifies in court hearings. Maintains accurate, meaningful, and current case records, reports, and other documents and correspondence, including all required documentation in the Wisconsin State Automated Child Welfare Information System. In the Access Office, receives and documents allegations of child abuse and neglect. Documents client background information, assesses reports for present and impending danger threats, and makes screening recommendations. Attends and participates in various multi-disciplinary meetings and staffings. Works as part of a team. Attends in-service training and staff development activities. Performs other duties as required or assigned. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of: Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 48 and state and local laws, regulations, and procedures pertaining to child protective services State of Wisconsin Access and Initial Assessment Standards, Ongoing Services Standards, and Child Protective Services Safety Intervention Standards Child development and successful parenting skills The Indian Child Welfare Act Mental health and substance abuse and its impact on families The current principles and best practices of social work Skill in: Engagement, conflict resolution, safety management, time management, interviewing, assessment, and organization Verbal and written communication, public speaking, and documentation Interpersonal and active listening skills Use of Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel Ability to: Make decisions independently while ensuring safety of children within the community Document and address threats of safety Multi-task, prioritize, and meet time requirements De-escalate hostile and defiant clientele while providing information and referrals Provide feedback to collateral contacts regarding work expectations and duties Remain professional and courteous at all times Take accurate notes and details regarding investigations of child maltreatment Adapt to changes in investigations and questioning in order to ensure pertinent information is being obtained Maintain confidential information Adhere to professional ethics Respond to crisis situations ***** A PPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Other: To apply for this position, please visit our website,, and click the "View Open Jobs" button. Must be submitted no later than Sunday, March 7, 2021. Kenosha County is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. Apply Online: