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Consumers Energy Company Gas Field Technician Kalamazoo, Michigan in Kalamazoo, Michigan

span class="jobdescription"emCMS Enterprises owns and operates independent power generating plants, natural gas assets and an energy marketing group for the non-utility segment of CMS Energy's business. We are proud of our strong history of reliably serving our utility, municipal, commercial and industrial customers. Equally important to us is our role as a responsible corporate citizen through environmental stewardship and providing direct and indirect employment opportunities and other economic benefits to the communities we serve. Our strategy is focused on continued exceptional financial results through strong operations and safety performance, optimization of our assets, and disciplined growth in the domestic energy sector./empspanspanspanspanspanspanspanDepartment Summary/span/span/span/span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspan /span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanThe position reports within the Generation Operations Gas Compression Storage Technician Department of Generation Operation and Compression. The Field Technician role provides support and maintenance for the Natural Gas Compression, Distribution, Storage, and Transmission systems. The "Natural Gas System" incorporates a wide variety of communication systems, functional controls, instrumentation, and measurement components integrated into a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system./span/span/span/span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspan /span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspanemspanspanspanThis position will support Kalamazoo, White Pigeon and Overisel (Hamilton)./span/span/span/em/span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspan /span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanJob Description/Responsibilities/span/span/span/span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspan /span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanThe Technician accepts the responsibility and demonstrates the ability to successfully plan, perform, and document periodic Michigan Gas Safety Standards (MGSS) Code Work orders; complete SOX (Witnessing) Inspections, along with performing required testing in accordance with maintenance programs within Generation Operations and Compression. Aid with job planning, completion of required systems documentation, perform system checkout functions, and provide technical assistance as required to support the completion of construction projects while functioning alone or while directing other Technicians as necessary./span/span/span/span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspan /span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspanspanspanspanThe Technician will have the ability to successfully analyze complex hardwired systems and end devices along with providing programming expertise required to maintain a: Typical compressor station Transmission valve site Distribution metering system During the testing process the Technician will be required to analyze, diagnose, design tests, and provide a recommended solution by means of troubleshooting./span/span/span/span/span/span/span