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Charter Communications Maintenance Technician I in Houghton, Michigan

spanspanbJOB SUMMARY/b/span/spanbrspanspanUnder close supervision, primarily responsible for preventative maintenance and repair of the hybrid fiber coax network (HFC), including all of its associated equipment in accordance with the company's Engineering Standards and Network Protection Policy./span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanbMAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES/bbrRead and accurately interpret system/network design maps. Verify as built documentation; compare findings in the field with existing documentation and report findings following local process /span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanInstall and replace HFC physical plant network components such as coax, actives, passives, grounding systems, pedestals, riser guards, conduit etc., according to technical specifications; splice coax/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanMonitor and report signal leakage and complete repairs as required; identify and repair upstream and downstream ingress/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanRead and interpret equipment schematics/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanAs directed, complete end of line network testing to meet technical specifications; regularly test all HFC network components using test equipment including: signal level meters, volt-ohm meters, leakage detector, Time Domain Reflector (TDR) and other related test equipment/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanPerform routine maintenance, troubleshoot and update records of standby power supplies according to technical specifications /span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanTroubleshoot and repair basic distribution problems associated with RF, AC and DC elements of the forward and reverse plant; report drop related problems/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanPerform basic telephony troubleshooting to support medical no dial tones/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanCommunicate with TAC/Dispatch to update progress on escalated tickets/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanResolve system outages as directed/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanMaintain accurate records including time worked, daily logs, gas sheets, as required; properly record all required information on data devices and/or work orders, surveys, referrals, etc./span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanOperate company vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. Clean, maintain stock and secure assigned vehicle and equipment, in accordance with company policies/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanAdhere to company, industry, local, state and federal regulations and standards, as applicable/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanKnow, understand and follow company policy/span/spanbrspanspanCommunicate with Inside Plant (ISP) personnel to optimize plant performance and confirm resolution of repairs/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanUnder supervision, optimize HFC optical nodes/span/spanbrspanspan/span/spanbrspanspanMay collaborate with construction