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Constructors Inc CDL Truck Driver-100% Medical Insurance Paid in Hobbs, New Mexico

Constructors, Inc. is a third generation progressive construction company founded in 1958. Specializing in General, Asphalt, Concrete, Dirt, and Utility Construction.

We are proud to offer you : Competitive compensation, paid vacation, paid holidays, health benefits, and much more!

Job Objectives: This job requires the operation of trucks used to move materials. The position is also extended to provide assistance to the labor crew and basic equipment maintenance. The job is performed outdoors with exposure to all weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Drive trucks over variety of terrains

  • Manipulate bilateral controls to operate machinery

  • Multiple tasks requiring sustained twisting and turning of the spine while driving and manipulating controls

  • Climb in and out, on and off equipment

  • Repetitive shoveling/raking/sweeping material

  • Lifting a variety of heavy objects on and off trucks and equipment

  • Daily inspection of equipment and equipment maintenance

  • Be a customer service representative for internal and external customers

  • Check all fluid levels, grease equipment, and perform any other checks to complete a daily walk around inspection required by DOT and complete and turn in required forms daily to shop

  • Haul any material necessary for jobs either internal or external

  • Follow all safety guidelines at all times.

  • Perform any labor work deemed necessary by the Supervisor/Foreman.

  • Fill out time cards daily including equipment number, hours, and job number when applicable

  • Ensure that any truck driven is maintained according to company policy (pre-trips, housekeeping, reporting of malfunctions)

  • Drive trucks only within your class and endorsements

    Critical Demands of Job:

    Occasionally: An activity or condition existing up to 1/3 of the time; Frequently: An activity or condition existing form 1/3 to 2/3 of the time; Continuous: An activity or condition existing 2/3 or more of the time. (Dictionary of Occupational Titles)

  • Standing: Frequent. Requires the ability to stand on various types of surfaces and terrain, including construction sites and mountainous terrain.

  • Walking: Frequent. Requires the ability to walk on various types of surfaces and terrain, including construction sites and mountainous terrain.

  • Lifting/Carrying: Frequent. This position is classified as "Medium Work". This requires the ability to “exert up to 75 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects.”

  • Climbing: Frequent. Requires the ability to climb in and out of heavy trucks up to 5 steps, 4" width, 16" apart. Ability to climb on and off heavy equipment in awkward positions.

  • Spinal Rotation: Continuous. Requires full spinal rotation with ability to sustain position for up to 10 seconds.

  • Push/Pull: Continuous. Requires the ability to work levers of less than 10 pounds of force with greater than twenty pounds of force occasionally.

  • Balance: Frequent. Requires the ability to balance self with both extremities while climbing on heavy equipment or while working in awkward positions on uneven terrain usually while carrying tools..

  • Reaching: Frequent. Requires the ability to utilize full upper extremity range of motion to operate controls and assist in labor tasks such as shoveling or raking.

  • Grasping/Handling: continuous. Requires the ability to grasp a steering wheel control and fine motor dexterity to manipulate operator controls of various size (1/2 - 2") and shape (cylindrical and round). Requires a gross grasp to maintain hold of long handled tools. Occasional use of vibrating tools will be encountered during control use.

  • Long Handled Tool Use: Occasional. Requires the ability to perform safe, neutral spine technique for shoveling and/or raking material weighing 25 to 50 pounds.

  • Vision: Continuous. Requires the ability for environmental awareness at construction site as well as good depth perception to accurately determine if surfaces are level.

  • Climate: Continuous. Requires the ability to tolerate extreme temperatures.

  • Endurance: Excellent. Requires the ability to tolerate up to 10 - 14 hour days; 7 days a week.

  • Hearing: Occasionally. On the plant site, this position requires the ability to communicate by radio to plant operator and drivers. Communication is currently accomplished over a speakerphone. On a job site, hand signals are the predominant form of communication; therefore, hearing is not a requirement depending on the type of equipment utilized. This task is performed in conjunction to the previous demands listed.

    Equipment used to perform job:

  • Clothing provided by employee: steel toe boots and leather gloves.

  • Safety equipment provided by employer: safety vest, hardhat, hearing protection, safety glasses.

  • Heavy equipment: various types of trucks used for hauling materials.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities used to perform job (in addition to above):

  • Basic reading (ability to understand written safety regulations).

  • Ability to build positive customer relations even with difficult customers .

  • Ability to get along with coworkers.

  • Must be dependable .

    This functional job description, as written for the position of "Truck Driver" for Constructors Inc. is an accurate reflection of the essential job functions and critical demands for this position.