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UL, LLC Laboratory Technician in Guangzhou, China


Thousands of us around the world wake up every day with a common purpose: to make the world a safer, more secure and sustainable place. Science is in our DNA; we are endlessly curious and passionate about seeking and speaking the truth. We take delight in knowing that our work makes a meaningful contribution to society, and we are proud that our culture is centered on integrity, collaboration, inclusion and excellence. UL stands at the forefront of technological advancement, and we are continually challenged to find new ways to foster innovation and positive change. Satisfying? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely!


  • Examines test samples and reads blueprints, schematics, wiring diagrams, measuring instruments, and operational instructions. Evaluates test performance and reviews test and construction data with supervisor. 检查测试样品并读懂图纸、电路图、接线图、测量仪器和操作说明。评估测试样品的性能,与主管一起审查测试方法和测试数据。

  • Builds and/or adapts setup and test equipment to new situations, based on data sheets and instructions from engineering department personnel. May direct staff in test setups. 根据数据单和工程部人员的指示,建立并调整安装和测试设备以适应新情况。一定情况下指导其他人员进行测试设置。

  • Operates designated machines and special laboratory equipment. Performs routine maintenance of designated test equipment and laboratory area. 操作指定的仪器和特殊的实验室设备,对指定的测试设备和实验室区域进行日常维护。

  • Receives instructions from and reports data to engineers and other laboratory personnel. May communicate with clients during the setup and performance of a test to demonstrate or otherwise illustrate equipment test methods and/or to discuss test results. May communicate with UL field representatives to discuss additional follow-up tests, samples, equipment, methods and/or results. 接收工程师和其他实验室人员的指示并向他们报告数据。可能涉及到在测试的设置和执行过程中与客户沟通,以演示或说明设备测试方法,讨论测试结果。可能会参与和 UL 现场代表沟通,讨论其他后续试验、样品、设备、方法和 / 或结果。

  • Records observed or calculated data on appropriate UL forms and prepares data sheets and test reports. May plan tests, evaluate test results and report opinions and interpretations, as directed. 在 UL 表格上正确的记录观察或计算的数据,并准备数据单和测试报告。可根据指示安排测试、评估测试结果并报告意见和解释。

  • Integrates continuous improvement concepts and techniques into all aspects of the job. 将持续改进的概念和技术融入到工作的各个方面。

  • Performs other duties as directed. 按指示履行其他职责。


  • University/college education in Electrical Engineering/Electronic Engineering or related fields. 大专以上学历;电子相关理工科专业;具备一定的电学知识。

  • Strong sense of responsibility, detail-orientated, positive attitude to learn and develop in testing. 做事具备足够的细心和耐心。

  • Command fundamental reading/writing English. 具备一定的英文读写能力,能够阅读英文数据并填写英文表单。


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