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State of Georgia Mathematics Faculty Instructor in Floyd, Georgia

Annual Salary Minimum:N/A

Annual Salary Maximum:N/A

Salary Details:4-Week, Summer Residential Assignment at Berry College in Rome, GA (on-campus housing and dining plan are also provided to instructors) June 15, 2021 – July 18, 2021. Stipend: $5,000.

Note that, as with everything related to the COVID-19 pandemic, all conditions of this offer are subject to change based on available information at any given time. With that in mind, know that GHP is making plans for 3 different versions of GHP based on the best available information as we move towards the summer of 2021. The first will be a “normal” summer with everyone on campus and featuring in-person instruction; second is a hybrid model, with faculty on-site and along with a portion of the students; last is a fully online version of the program.

Duties & Responsibilities:The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) strives to advance student achievement by funding innovative programs focused on teacher and leader induction and development, applied learning, blended learning and innovative resource management. In addition, GOSA provides policy support to the Governor and, ultimately, to the citizens of Georgia through:

• An education report card indicating the effectiveness of Georgia's P-20 education institutions;

• Research initiatives on education programs in Georgia and corresponding findings to inform policy, budget, and legislative efforts;

• Thorough analysis and straightforward communication of education data to stakeholders;

• Academic program audits;

• Digital learning initiatives;

• Innovative programs such as the Race to the Top Innovation Fund, Governor’s Honors Program, and the Governor’s Reading Mentor Program.

Faculty will provide instruction in both a “major” academic or artistic discipline for six days per week; and will provide instruction in an elective area of study. Faculty members are required to attend paid staff orientation and training sessions in advance of the summer program, work collaboratively with discipline specific department staff on an ongoing basis; participate in outside-of-class activities when directed; and other assigned tasks related to the Governor’s Honors Program. A minimum of one training session will be held on Friday evening, March 12, 2021 (new faculty) and Saturday, March 13, 2021 (full faculty) at Berry College. Faculty must prepare unit plans and/or a syllabus and course overviews that reflect a rigorous and engaging curriculum. Faculty must be able to maintain accurate records of attendance.

Minimum Training & Experience:Bachelor’s Degree or higher. Minimum of (3) three years successful teaching experience in the specific content area at the college or secondary level. Experience teaching gifted education classes, Advanced Placement, or honors courses OR comparable experience teaching high school age students in a private or out of school environment (e.g., YMCA, private studio, professional ensemble classes) within the applicant’s field of expertise

Preferred Qualifications:


• Significant experience teaching gifted secondary learners

• Excellent organization skills

• Proven ability to provide a challenging and differentiated instructional experience to diverse learners

• Proven ability to be flexible and adapt to changing priorities

• Ability to participate in coaching and professional growth opportunities to improve instructional practice and to support others to improve their craft

• Detail-oriented

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• High level of professional integrity

• Demonstrated ability to quickly motivate students toward an instructional goal

Exam & Evaluation Information:Initial screening will be based on a review of the online application.

Please submit a proposed unit plan/syllabus for the academic discipline in which you are applying via email at Plans must include course description, learning objectives, and an outline of topics to be covered during the four weeks, highlighting appropriate strategies for gifted secondary learners AND culminating in a final product that is student created an/or crafted (no more than 3 pages). Please include: “GOSA GHP Faculty Curriculum Document” in the subject line. Applicants should submit only completed applications as screening may begin before the end of the recruitment period.

Resumes do not substitute for application.

Additional Information:To apply, click the red“APPLY...Add to My Jobs!"button below and complete the on-line Resume Builder.

We will review all applications. Applicants who are selected for an interview will be contacted to arrange an appointment.

Preference will be given to applicants who meet both the minimum and preferred qualifications.

Applicants who are not selected for interviews will not receive notification.

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity.

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*Note: This contact may be able to provide answers to specific questions you have about this job posting. However,DO NOTe-mail or submit your application/resume to this contactunless directed otherwise in the "Additional Information" sectionabove.

Qualifications to be determined by hiring organization based upon position requirements.

Job: *Education

Organization: *Student Achievement, Governor's Office of - GOSA

Title: Mathematics Faculty Instructor

Location: GA-Floyd-Rome

Requisition ID: EDU03GX