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Pontoon Solutions, Inc. Process Excellence Manager in Farmington Hills, Michigan

divdivdivspanSUMMARY:/spanspanWorking closely with the VP Customer Experience Team and the OPEX Director the Program team and the client's teams, The Process Excellence Manager is responsible for leading multiple Lean Six Sigma projects to enhance effectiveness, decrease the Program cost-to-serve and increase our NPS./spanspanThe Process Excellence Manager leads the span /spandelivery and implementation of LSS projects, TCO initiatives, time/costsrocess analyses, trainings and change management actions to ensure the implementation of the most efficient delivery model for the Program. Manages day-to-day and tactical aspects of projects, innovation initiatives in need of implementation and other ongoing business deliverables in accordance with business needs. Leads the Program team to solve large, complex, and/or ambiguous business problems and to drive process efficiency, by using LSS and other continuous process improvement tools./spanspanGENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES:/spanspanspan*span /span/span/spanuspanProject Management/span/uspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanResponsible for the overall coordination, implementation and control of specific projects ensuring consistency with Pontoon + Program strategy, commitments and goals./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanFacilitates the definition of project scope, goals, baselines, tasks and deliverables./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanLeads the planning and implementation of projects./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanProvides direction and support to the Program team./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanSets-up and improves KPIs dashboards and reporting./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanFacilitates meetings and workshops./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanConstantly monitors and reports on progress of the project to all stakeholders./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanSupports and leads change management initiatives./spanspan/spanspanspan*span /span/span/spanuspanLean Six Sigma Tasks/span/uspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanResponsible for improving processes, teaching Lean tools/methods and instilling Lean cultureractices within the workplaces./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanIn charge to lead Time + Process analyses./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanResponsible for leading multiple LSS projects, implementations and TCO initiatives./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanAssesses current practices and process performance./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanArticulates the problem, baselines current state, analyzes root cause, recommends improvements, and monitors results./spanspanspanospan /span/span/spanspanImproves local and global processes, conducting LSS assignments within Client Pontoon