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Job Information

CLEAResult Strategic Energy Management Coach in Edmonton, Alberta

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Job Description Summary

Full-time SEM Coach in CLEAResult’s Edmonton office, focused on guiding and supporting businesses as they implement cultural and organizational change. Responsibilities include coaching energy teams and executives on understanding and implementing change management methodologies. This position will include some travel and a valid driver’s license is required.

Job Description

The primary objective of this position is to help municipality participants apply the principles of change management and strategic planning to energy management. Experience with a wide variety of organizations, including municipalities, non-profit organizations, recreational facilities, governmental organizations, and mixed commercial strongly preferred. Responsibilities of this dynamic role includes coaching energy teams and executives on creating organizational change. Key duties include:

  • Overall program and client relationship management

  • Delivering consulting services to multiple customers

  • Project management and tracking

  • Motivating and coaching executives and teams

  • Guiding the development of continuous improvement and change management plans

  • Facilitating group workshops

  • Conducting organizational assessments and other one-on-one activities

  • Report writing for technical and non-technical audiences

Required Skills:

  • Excellent written communication skills for presentations, technical reports, e-mail, and other written documents.

  • Outstanding oral communication skills will be necessary for telephone, one-on-one communication, and presentations to groups.

  • Project management expertise to successfully deliver projects on time and budget.

  • Exceptional customer service

  • The ability to work with a team and give and take direction to/from co-workers.

Additional Job Description

Applicant Education and Experience: The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in business or related field and seven to ten years of experience or a Master’s Degree and two to five years of experience in implementing organizational change methodologies, strategic plans, or supporting cultural change within an organization. Experience in a consulting environment preferred.

Physical Demands/Requirements

  • Sit or stand for extended periods of time

  • Bend or reach occasionally

  • Use repetitive hand motion

  • Lift, carry or push up to 15 pounds occasionally

Office Environment

  • This position is in a general office environment with moderate noise, room temperature.

* Reasonable accommodations may be made for individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.