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Legion Systems, LLC Expert Policy Analyst in District Of Columbia

The successful candidate shall provide expert-level strategy, policy and intelligence enterprise assessment support to OUSD(I&S)/SPEA Directorate. The candidate will perform the following tasks:

Assist in development of the National Security Strategy (NSS), National Intelligence Strategy (NIS), National Defense Strategy (NDS), Defense Intelligence Strategy (DIS) as well as related national and departmental strategies.

Assist in development of USD(I&S) priorities and milestones as well as related tasks and outcomes for the Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIE) and Defense Security Enterprise (DSE).

Using the formal DoDI 5025.1 policy issuance process, assist in development of charters for DIE and DSE organizations and agencies.

Assist in development and sustainment of a governance framework outlining roles and responsibilities of USD(I&S)/DUSD(I&S) and DIE/DSE.

Interfacing with internal and external stakeholders, develop effective and concise narrative portions of strategy-related reports, presentations, talking points, and materials for review by senior leadership, to include the USD(I&S), Secretary of Defense, DNI, and other USG senior leaders.

Coordinate policy staff actions across the DoD and IC as required.

Coordinate Secretary of Defense and USD(I&S) issuances in accordance with OUSD(I&S) standard operating procedures outlined in DoDI 5025.01, including coordinating with other DoD elements as appropriate.

Evaluate OUSD(I&S) policy documents and issuances to ensure they fulfill Defense Intelligence, CI, security, intelligence-related, and law enforcement needs for policy guidance and conform to established Office of Secretary of Defense standards.

Evaluate policy documents and issuances from other DoD components to ensure they appropriately reflect Defense Intelligence, CI, security, law enforcement, intelligence-related, and law enforcement equities.

Ensure IC policies are reviewed by the OUSD(I&S) staff and other DoD components with equities in the policy.

Identify and resolve problems that arise during issuance development process; evaluate alternatives; provide recommendations for solutions to OUSD(I&S) Primary and Alternate Policy Focal Points; and give presentations and briefings as required.

Resolve issues raised in the coordination of policy across the Federal government via participation in DoD, IC, and inter-agency meetings and working groups.

Review incoming coordination requests for DoD and IC policies and post to NIPRNet or SIPRNet policy portals as appropriate. Assign coordination of DoD and IC policies to appropriate action officers per the Primary and Alternate Policy Focal Points pre-determined portfolio assignments.

Coordinate classified issuances via email, as appropriate, and establish coordination suspenses consistent with DoDI 5025.01 guidelines. Coordinate to grant SharePoint account (OUSD(I&S) Policy Portal) access requests for OUSD(I&S), Direct Reports, and Defense Agencies.

Maintain archival electronic copies of OUSD(I&S) key policy documents and office files consistent with National Archives and Records Administration Records Information Management program.

Task, prepare, and maintain the OUSD(I&S) annual Policy Work Plan, and DoD Chief Management Officer’s annual issuance report, as appropriate. Provide weekly summaries of internal and external issuances to Primary and Alternate Policy Focal Points. Schedule and facilitate Policy team meetings and assign/track tasks via CATMS.

Prepare briefings and read-aheads for OUSD(I&S) leadership for national and Department-level engagements across IC and similar intelligence and security senior leadership venues (examples: EXCOM, DEXCOM, IMMCOM).

Assist with DIE integration with IC and key allies/partners (Five Eye/Japan/North Atlantic Treaty Organization etc.

Assist OUSD(I&S) in providing oversight of DoD participation in the National Intelligence Priorities Framework (NIPF) process.

Provide administrative support to the Director SPEA and the Directorate by managing calendars; maintaining files, directories, special books and other materials; providing related staff assistance; e.g., setting up conferences and meetings, arranging for conference rooms, contacting participants, distributing agendas, preparing material, arranging for availability of graphic aids, etc.; and using the Defense Travel System (DTS) to prepare travel arrangements.

Maintain records for control and accountability of classified correspondence and other material received in the office making distribution to appropriate members of staff and Special Access clearances on appropriate OUSD(I&S) personnel.

Maintain security within the SCIF.

The ideal candidate must have minimum of 12 years of experience in DoD and IC developing strategy and policy

Working at the strategic level, strategy development in a DoD environment is preferred and defense intelligence and security experience is highly preferred.

Master’s degree is required.

ID: 2020-1210