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Steelcase Warehouse Zone Leader in Denver, Colorado

General InformationCountry: USAState: ColoradoCity: DenverOffice Location: 9900 East 51st Ave - - - - -Date posted: 17-Jun-2021Business Function: Manufacturing/OperationsPosition Type: Full-Time/RegularDescriptionZone Leaders provide first line leadership for a team of production employees. Activities in their assigned zone may be production work controlled by a flowor pull system or general distribution/shipping work. Their primaryobjectives are establishing, maintaining and improving standardized work(to maintain flow at takt time), kanban / supermarket systems(pull), or shipping processes.Zone Leaders support the three guiding principles of flow and pull, processdiscipline, and a culture of improvement. Primary responsibilities includefocus on cost, people, speed and quality. ZLs are generally on the floorto provide support and quick response for problems questions, suggestions,training needs, and providing catch-up and fill-in to help operatorsmaintain takt. They are also responsible for maintaining and improvingprocesses - not running production.Skills/Abilities* Must understand and be able to have a positive impact on standardizedwork, flow, pull, elimination of waste.* Able to effectively use the standard ZL tools appropriate for problemsolving, process improvements, to recognize and set priorities regardingmanpower and production schedule, and to train in operation and qualitystandar* Requires a thorough knowledge of the production requirements andresponsibilities of the assigned zone.* Must know parts, setups, and procedures for completing themanufacturing process for the zone.* Must be able to lead effective meetings.* Must be a good leader, motivator and communicator with employees andsupervision.* Understands and is able to implement and operate balance charts.* Able to effectively improve individual performance through feedbackdelivery.* Able to lift and carry 35-55 lbs. from floor to waist; lift 50lbs fromwaist to shoulders; and push / pull up to 15 lbs.We are proud to have a diverse and inclusive workforce, and we're alwayslooking to get better. We value applicants who are comfortable interactingwith people different than themselves. Women, people of any race or nationalorigin, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, veterans,working mothers and fathers, and everyone else are all invited to apply.Steelcase provides employment opportunities to all qualified employees andapplicants without regard to race, color, creed, genetic information,religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identityand expression, age, disability, or veteran status and bases allemployment decisions only on valid job requirements.