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Nilkanth Hospitality Inc Network Administrator in Denver, Colorado

Duties: Develop, design and implement Web and Mobile Application in orderto consolidate the operations of all business entities running under themanagement/umbrella of the Petitioner Company; Analyze the businessrequirement and develop long term application; Interpret and integrateorganizational procedures into the electronic management system efficiently;Develop and implement computer information resources at each hospitalityentity with focus to gather business data, minute to minute businessactivity, data security and control, and disaster recovery; Develop andintegrate features in the main system so that the executive can monitor theoperations of all the businesses on a computer screen from the comfort oftheir office; Develop and design the business formulas to generate businessreports on each entity at the click of a key, integrate such formulas in theelectronic management system effectively so that the need of night auditors isminimized; Integrate systems which will enable the executive to not onlymonitor minute to minute activity of each business from the comfort of theiroffice but also be able to identify theft and waster immediately; Keep inclose contact with each point of business during implementation of system andthereafter in the testing and finally integration phase;Consult with endusers, as well as vendors and management in order to determine system needsat developing stage; Monitor implementation and performance of centralizednetworking and electronic management system and thus enable the executive toevaluate the efficiency and productivity of each business; Provide usersconstant support for technical problems and resolve any issues arisingtherefroEducation and Experience: Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science orits Equivalent.Other Requirements: Command over Asp.Net framework C#, SQL server anddesign/Architectural patterns. Comprehensive understanding of Ajax,HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Json, Jquery. The Applicant must have strongunderstanding of Business Data Processing; Object Oriented Concepts andProgramming; Computer Oriented Numerical Methods and Client Server Architecture.