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Denver Public Schools 48348 SENIOR PROGRAM MANAGER, PREDICTIVE TRENDS & MODELING in Denver, Colorado

Please Apply Here: SERVICESTraditional 235 work daysFTE: 1.0Salary Range: $68,683-$83,116Essential Functions and Objectives:Accountability for leading and managing the day to day operations of a broaderstrategic function and shapes the district framework in a forward thinking anddynamic manner. Influences district decision making for program priorities,support structures and resource allocation. Leads the execution,maintenance, projects' implementation, change management, andcross-functional alignment of workstreams; ensures program and districtcompliance with relevant industry, state and federal regulations.Lead the District's predictive analysis in providing actionable data andreports to district leadership to support the district's long-term planningand the operational effectiveness of the resources to support students.Support a team of analysts and specialists to provide geographicinformation, enrollment projections and forecasts, predictive analysesthat support strategic decision-making and operational effectiveness, thedeployment of resources, and the future trends of both students andoperations.- Formulates and aligns program goals and objectives to achieve successfuloutcomes, as defined by the district; ensures governance and long-rangestrategic direction of the program with a broad understanding of thecontext, decision making rationale and district implications. Establishessystems, structures, tools, policies and procedures to enhance theefficacy of the program, including those related to communications andtraining- Directs, administers, and evaluates program operations, policies andprocedures relevant to the lifecycle of the program; ensures effectivenessand demonstrates outcomes beyond program establishment. Coordinates and tracksprogram expenditures and adjusts project activities, specifications,proposals, contracts and schedules to meet overall program objectives withinbu- Sets and monitors new program priorities, including: objectives,benefits, key deliverables and resources. Manages long and short term workplans and schedules to track progress; ensures milestones are attained;identifies, analyzes and mitigates project risks, solving for project'roadblocks'; assesses outcomes and lessons learned; provides timelyand accurate project deliverables.- Conducts district-wide outreach to strengthen the program throughrelationships; engages community leaders, practitioners, partners anddistrict stakeholder to encourage meaningful engagement at all levels ofprogram operations and proactively enhances program value across the district.Identifies stakeholder needs, leverages assets and is a catalyst forstrengthening the program within the community.- Support the CFO and Executive Director of Finance with predictive analysisthat will support operational functions in the district including districtwide enrollment and demographic trends, staffing dynamics includingpredictive analysis on retention in particular roles, trends in studentneeds such as speech language, occupational/physical therapy, and otherhighly specialized student needs, predictive trends in core businessfunctions like Food and Nutrition Services, Use of the District'sFacilities, and Transportation of the District's students.- Project or report on upcoming enrollment for the district as a whole, aswell as each school, by grade, and by classifications. Collaborate withcross departmental leaders in Finance, Planning, and Schools Division onthe trends in enrollment at particular grade levels and schools.- Work with external partners to forecast long-term (up to 15 years out)enrollment by neighborhood by grade level and ensure that forecastingmethodology is reliable, repeatable and continuously reviewed.- Support community processes by providing in-depth analyses related toenrollment impacts as a result of changes to school options.- Lead internal analyses that will be presented to the dis