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Beaumont Health System Resident Care Assistant in Dearborn, Michigan

Job Summary:Responsible for giving direct resident care, performing specified nursing procedures and providing a clean, safe environment under supervision of a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse.Primary Job Duties:Conducts walking rounds through assigned set at the beginning of each shift with off-going CNA to ensure resident safety is being maintained as well as make sure that residents do not have any immediate care issues. Conducts walking rounds at least every two (2) hours or more if indicated throughout assigned shift.2. Assists residents with all activities of daily living while maintaining privacy. (Assists with daily dental and oral care, required baths, dressing and hair and nail care. Ensures that residents that wear eyeglasses, hearing aids, splints and/or braces are wearing prescribed appliances. Empties and maintains colostomy bags.)3. Assists in encouraging residents to reach their maximum level of physical function via providing minimal assistance needed (per Kardex) for ambulation, transferring and toileting. Maintains safety of all resident by utilizing proper transfer technique indicated on Kardex. Obtains weights as indicated by nurse.Ensures all incontinent residents are kept clean, dry and odor free. Provides proper toileting method as indicated on Kardex (urinal, bed pan, take to bathroom, bedside commode). Maintains bowel and bladder retraining program if needed. Ensures that all required documentation for B & B training program is recorded accurately and in a timely manner. Provides Foley care, as needed. Reports any pertinent change in bowel or bladder function to the nurse.6. Completes all required documentation in Matrix and assignment sheets in a timely manner. Ensures residents are receiving proper coding to reflect their actual abilities, behavior and food and fluid intake.Informs nurse of any changes to the resident by completing Stop and Watch form. Positions bedfast residents in correct and comfortable position. Turns and repositions bedfast residents every two (2) hours. Repositions wheel chair residents every one (1) hour.9. Changes bed linens. Ensures linen is tight to prevent wrinkles from forming under residents. Provides fresh water (correct consistency) to all residents.10.Prepares residents for meals (takes to bathroom if needed, washes hands, places bibs, ensures proper position). Ensures resident has proper meal tray and sets up meal tray to accommodate residents' needs. Assists with actual feeding if needed. 11. Assists residents in preparing for and transporting to activities, social programs and room transfers.12. Assists with care of dying resident. Provides post-mortem care as directed.1