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TAK COMMUNICATIONS WI LLC Underground Operator in DE PERE, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: We want the best, so you can stop looking at the rest!! If you are looking to jump start your new CAREER we will do "Whatever it TAKes" to help you succeed! Safety is vital and TAK Communications WI has this as its top priority at all times, with even greater emphasis during the pandemic. All vehicles are fully supplied with required safety equipment, including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and handwashing stations. POSITION SUMMARY: - Dig trenches and fills ditches; buries cable; places cable in trenches and through conduit - Prepare underground system plant for repairs; includes trenching, pot holing, backfill, and repair or replacement of conduits, poles, risers or pedestals Install rigid and semi rigid coaxial cable, includes pole line construction and underground installation of rigid and semi rigid coaxial cable in conduit or direct buried - Install equipment used to house CATV equipment ground plant, or place rod or wire to serve as ground for future installations ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: - Operate construction equipment such as backhoes, plows, trenchers, loaders, locating equipment, and, or ANY machinery used for underground cable installation, and locating equipment. - Perform manual labor activities safely such as hand digging, flagging, traffic control, etc. - Adhere to all company and departmental policies, standards and established procedures. - Safety is the responsibility of every employee at TAK. All safety procedures or policies outlined in the safety manual, and all regulatory requirements (OSHA, etc.) are expected to be followed. - Work requires moderate to heavy physical and manual skills, such as the use of hand operated power tools, construction equipment and company vehicles. - Works with other employees, contractors and/or customers, requiring extreme attention to hazardous conditions. - Read system prints and place cable according to prints. - Have a working knowledge of national, local, and company standards and codes and other pertinent regulatory requirements as they relate to Underground Construction responsibilities. - Protect excavation site (shoring, sloping, and soil analysis). - Understand basic knowledge of CATV and other design prints. - All safety procedures or policies outlined in the safety manual, and all regulatory requirements (OSHA, etc.) are expected to be followed. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: PREFERRED CANDIDATE WILL POSSESS: - Possess and maintain a Commercial Driver's License to mobilize and operate equipment. - Understand terminology and knowledge of all required tools. - Communicate effectively in a courteous and professional manner. - Handle various tasks simultaneously, make decisions, work efficiently and effectively under deadlines. - Basic mechanical aptitude. - Willingness to travel WORKING CONDITIONS: - Exposure to dust, dirt, noise, insects, cleaning solutions - Work outdoors in all kinds of weather and at all times of the day or night - Work performed near power lines and electricity PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS & WORKING CONDITIONS: - Safely use weight-bearing equipment (safety harness and ladders) within the maximum weight limitations of the equipment - Accurately measure distances, using tapes or other measuring devices - Carry, climb, operate and work upon an extension ladder (approximately 28 ft high and 80 pounds) - Body weight of no more than 275 pounds is required for ladder certification - Perform job from high places (i.e. poles and roofs in addition to an extension ladder) - Work while standing 75 to 90% of the time ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: