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Naval Sea Systems Command MANAGER in Dahlgren, Virginia


You will serve as the Head of the Engagement System Safety Branch in the Systems Safety Engineering Division of NAVSURFWARCENACT DAM NECK VA.


You will supervise and direct the work of a staff of approximately 40 scientists, engineers, and technical support personnel performing systems safety engineering analyses.

You will lead and manage the organization responsible to equip the warfighter with the safest possible systems by providing customers with innovative, proactive, and reliable system safety engineering services across all phases of acquisition.

You will oversee the coordination and integration of the branch with the rest of the division, other technical organizations, and external sponsors.

You will resolve policy issues that may cross organizational boundaries, provides representation to and coordinates with customers and sponsors, and participates, as required, in various division, department, and corporate activities.

You will be is responsible for the full range of supervisory responsibilities including executing effective equal opportunity employment (EEO), hiring, performance development and evaluation and training.


Conditions of Employment


Your resume must demonstrate at least one year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the ND-04 pay band (GS-12/13 equivalency) in the Federal service or equivalent experience in the private or public sector. Specialized experience must demonstrate the following: As a professional engineer or scientist providing technical or administrative management of engineering projects or programs for an organization. Examples of qualifying experience may include, and are not limited to: 1) Analyzing and determining the technical scope of projects; 2) Developing and modifying execution plans for an engineering project or program to ensure quality, accuracy, and adequacy of products and services; or 3) Performing organization and administrative management of engineering projects by developing resources and capabilities, formulating budgets, and managing project funds and negotiations with sponsors. Additional qualification information can be found from the following Office of Personnel Management website: FOR ND-0801 (General Engineering Series): AND FOR ND-1301 (General Physical Science Series): FOR ND-1515 (Operations Research Series): FOR ND-1520 (Mathematics Series): FOR ND-1550 (Computer Science Series): Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., professional, philanthropic, religious, spiritual, community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment.


Applicants must meet the following basic education requirements of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualifications Standards Manual: FOR ND-0801 (General Engineering Series): Successful completion of a professional engineering degree. To be acceptable, the program must: (1) lead to a bachelor's degree (or higher) in a school of engineering with at least one program accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET); or (2) include differential and integral calculus and courses (more advanced than first-year physics and chemistry) in five of the following seven areas of engineering science or physics: (a) statics, dynamics; (b) strength of materials (stress-strain relationships); (c) fluid mechanics, hydraulics; (d) thermodynamics; (e) electrical fields and circuits; (f) nature and properties of materials (relating particle and aggregate structure to properties); and (g) any other comparable area of fundamental engineering science or physics, such as optics, heat transfer, soil mechanics, or electronics. Such education must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to do the work of the position; -OR- Current registration as an Engineer Intern (EI), Engineer in Training (EIT), or licensure as a Professional Engineer (PE) by any State, the District of Columbia, Guam, or Puerto Rico. Absent other means of qualifying under this standard, those applicants who achieved such registration by means other than written test (e.g., State grandfather or eminence provisions) are eligible only for positions that are within or closely related to the specialty field of their registration For more information about EI and EIT registration requirements, please visit the National Society of Professional Engineers website at:; -OR- Evidence of having successfully passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination or any other written test required for professional registration by an engineering licensure board in the various States, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico The FE examination is not administered by the U. S. Office of Personnel Management. For more information, please visit:; -OR- Successful completion of at least 60 semester hours of courses in the physical, mathematical, and engineering sciences and in engineering that included the courses specified in the basic requirements under paragraph A (above). The courses must be fully acceptable toward meeting the requirements of an engineering program as described in paragraph A (above); -OR- Successful completion of a curriculum leading to a bachelor's degree in an appropriate scientific field, e.g., engineering technology, physics, chemistry, architecture, computer science, mathematics, hydrology, or geology, may be accepted in lieu of a bachelor's degree in engineering, provided the applicant has had at least one year of professional engineering experience acquired under professional engineering supervision and guidance. Ordinarily, there should be either an established plan of intensive training to develop professional engineering competence, or several years of prior professional engineering-type experience, e.g., in interdisciplinary positions. FOR ND-1301 (General Physical Science Series): Successful completion of a bachelor's degree or higher in physical science, engineering, or mathematics that included 24 semester hours in physical science and/or related engineering science such as mechanics, dynamics, properties of materials, and electronics;

-OR- Possess a combination of education and experience with education equivalent to one of the majors shown above that included at least 24 semester hours in physical science and/or related engineering science, plus appropriate experience or additional education. FOR ND-1515 (Operations Research Series): Successful completion of a bachelor's or higher degree in operations research; -OR- Successful completion of a bachelor's or higher degree with at least 24 semester hours in a combination of operations research, mathematics, probability, statistics, mathematical logic, science, or subject-matter courses requiring substantial competence in college-level mathematics or statistics and at least 3 of the 24 semester hours are in calculus. FOR ND-1520 (Mathematics Series): Successful completion of a bachelor's degree or higher in mathematics or the equivalent of a major that included at least 24 semester hours in mathematics; -OR- Possess a combination of education and experience demonstrated by courses equivalent to a major in mathematics (including at least 24 semester hours in mathematics, plus appropriate experience or additional education. FOR ND-1550 (Computer Science Series): Successful completion of a a bachelor's degree in computer science; - OR- Successful completion of a bachelor's or higher degree with 30 semester hours in a combination of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. At least 15 of the 30 semester hours were in a combination of statistics and mathematics that included differential and integral calculus.

Additional Information

This position is covered by the Department of Defense Priority Placement Program. Additional vacancies may be filled by this announcement. This position is part of the Warfare Centers Personnel Demonstration Project. The ND-05 pay band encompasses positions equivalent to the GS-14 and GS-15. The salary range shown in the announcement represents all of the positions within the band, equivalent to the GS-14/15. The salary for this position may be limited to a GS-14 Step 10 currently $157,709. A relocation incentive is generally a single payment intended to offset some of the relocation costs experienced by the selectee. A relocation incentive may be authorized. This position is eligible for part time, full time or ad-hoc telework at the discretion of management. A tentative offer of employment will be rescinded if the selectee fails to meet the pre-employment requirements, including failure to report to any of the scheduled appointments. If you are unable to apply online and request information about the Alternate Application process, please contact the Department of Navy's Employment Information Center. Federal annuitant information: The selection of an annuitant is subject to the Department of Defense and Department of the Navy policy on the employment of annuitants. Policy information may be found at: ICTAP Applicants: To be considered well-qualified and exercise selection priority as an ICTAP candidate, displaced Federal employees must satisfy all qualification requirements for the position and receive a rating in the highly qualified category (score 85) or higher. ICTAP candidates must provide copies of all of the following documentation at the time of application: 1) agency notice; 2) most recent performance appraisal; and 3) most recent SF-50 or notification of personnel action that includes position, grade level, and duty location. Applicants who do not provide this documentation will not receive consideration as an ICTAP candidate. For more information about ICTAP eligibility please review the following link: