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Arkansas Department of Workforce Services Cargo Trailer Assembler Worker in Crossett, Arkansas

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Line Welder: Set steel on jigs and complete necessary welders. Move frame to next station. Box out: follow spec sheet, measure cut plywood to specs and install in cuts in the correct order to complete inside of trailer. Skin Shop: Follow spec sheet, choose color of sheet metal, correct size of screws and install to the outside of trailer. Wiring shop: Follow spec sheet; pull wiring to correct locations, install light fixtures and make all connections, test each light to ensure all work as designed. Roofing shop; Follow spec sheet, must be able to work safely from a scaffolding platform. Install roofing materials with glue and trim. Proper care must be taken to ensure there are no leaks. Final Finish; Follow spec sheet. Ensure there have been no mistakes during the manufacturing process. Use caulk to achieve a professional final look, use electric sander to sand the floor of the trailer, wipe down the outside of the trailer, install all necessary stickers in the appropriate locations on the trailer.