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The New York Foundling Residence Manager-Bronx Park East (Bronx|35Hrs/Wk.-Day Shift in Bronx, New York

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • RESID06002


Bronx, NY, USA


Essential Functions:

  1. Communication Residence Manager will maintain positive communications. He/she will be an effective communicator who will be able to provide person-directed supports and constructive feedback to regarding overall program expectations. Standards and expectations:
  • Speak and treat all people in a respectful manner

  • Create and encourage an open communication system

  • Develop clear and concise written and verbal communications including; but not limited to CDR (Corrective Discipline Reports), professional emails, supervisions, family contacts and etc.

  • Meet respective deadlines

  • Foster appropriate communications and respond in a timely manner

  • Conduct, attend and participate in regular supervisory sessions to share information about people supported and programs

  • Work with the clinical team, family members, day programs, community members and establishments to ensure that the programs and services we provide to people supported are person-directed and meaningful.

  • Respond to all communication in a timely manner to ensure compliance with deadlines

  • Utilize CQL/POM’s to identify best outcomes for people supported

  • Participate in the development of Individual’s life plans utilizing “I AM” assessment

  • He/she must be able to educate DSPs on appropriate communications and relationships, within the house and the community 2. Budget/Finance Residence Manager will ensure fiscal responsibility. They are responsible for ensuring their program operates within budgetary guidelines. Standards and expectations:

  • Review variance reports monthly

  • Prepare, balance and submit petty cash routinely

  • Track finances for people supported including burial, savings and in-house accounts; prepare financial ledger reports for monthly/quarterly review

  • Track and maintain SNAP ledger

  • Be aware of overall program spending including DSP salaries and overtime

  • Prepare completely all Reqlogic submittals

  • Track and complete benefits e.g., SSI, Medicaid and SNAP recertification JOB DESCRIPTION – Residence Manager

The job description provides a consistent frame of reference for performance requirements and expectations for both the employee and the supervisor. 2

  • Responsible for all aspects of the program operating budget 3. Administrative The Residence Manager has the responsibility to manage all aspects of the residence. Standards and expectations:

  • Complete, monitor and review all documentation in accordance with Foundling, Federal and State policies and procedures

  • Oversee the completion of all documentation by DSPs and other related staff, e.g., Residential Habilitation Specialist, Nursing, Facilities, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Dietary

  • Ensure documentation is completed within the expected timeline

  • Display proficiency in Evolv utilizing all reports to accurately manage all service documentation

  • Complete and ensure accuracy of all required documentations e.g. Audit Book, incident reports and investigations, people supported case records, behavior logs, service entries, MARs, fire drill forms, emergency preparedness drills and safety checklist

  • Track and report occurrences, falls and other incidents

  • Read and share information in communication books

  • Conduct monthly DSP meetings for training and informational purposes; conduct formal supervision sessions with all DSPs at least monthly; informally when needed

  • Ensure staff training compliance through the Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Assign work responsibilities to DSPs and fill in when necessary

  • Conduct announced and unannounced visits on all shifts

  • Encourage and facilitate self-advocacy for all people supported

  • Responsible to fill any person supported vacancy

  • Ensure the physical plant is free of risk inside and out; report issues for repair or redesign as needed

  • Ensure all required documentation is complete

  • Ensure vehicle documentation and maintenance are up to date

  • Coordinate and participate in nursing meeting

  • Order medications when necessary; check MAR for accuracy and errors; provide medical consult sheets when needed

  • In conjunction with the nurse, track, report on and ensure medical appointments are complete.

  • Ensure the best outcomes for the people supported and the program as well as ensuring compliance with regulations

  • Interview and hire DSP’s that will fit into the positive culture of the program 4. Leadership

  • Provide and ensure a positive environment for continued growth for people supported and DSPs; ensure adequate and consistent staffing

  • Act as a leader and a person of influence for the people supported, the clinical team and DSPs to form a cohesive and supportive environment for growth and independence

  • Facilitate and attend all meetings and trainings to ensure that people supported needs are acknowledged and responded to in a timely manner

  • Set the example of professionalism, values, accountability and excellence for people supported, colleagues and DSPs

  • Lead, promote and encourage circles of support and person directed planning through agency initiatives, strategic planning, mission and vision 5. Professionalism 3

  • Set a positive tone for the house. He/she must build positive, professional relationships with the people supported and their families, the DSPs, clinical team members, Day Program, administrators, community members and establishments

  • Seek creative ways to enrich the lives of people supported based on their wants, wishes and needs

  • Attend trainings and workshops

  • Encourage and provide opportunities for DSP’s to attend trainings

  • The Residence Manager will ensure that all DSPs are regularly trained on all pertinent information pertaining to completing their jobs successfully

  • Observe DSPs interacting with people supported in all settings (meals, bathing, recreation & community) and coach/mentor for positive results

  1. Performance
  • Provide constructive and educational feedback to DSPs in order to improve and sustain the positive culture of the people supported

  • Residence Managers are expected to attend and communicate information gained in all trainings offered within and outside of The Foundling

  • Working in conjunction with the nurse, the Residence Manager will be expected to have complete knowledge and understanding of each individual’s medical background and current issues

  • Coordinate each individual’s medical needs and advocate in the best interest of the individual in medical situations and work with the RN when overseeing and coordinating medical care for all people supported. He/she will train DSP’s on the appropriate ways to handle and address medical situations

  • Implement, train and require DSPs use of EVOLV and other electronic health record

  • Supervise and train DSPs in person centered planning *Other duties as assigned an as necessary to support program goals. All Residence Managers must have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, management, or other related field is preferred.

Other Requirements:

  • Three (3) years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities and familiarity with OPWDD regulations required.

  • One (1) years of supervisory experience required.

  • Computer literacy, including working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

  • Certification or willingness to obtain certification as an instructor in positive behavior approaches, strategies and/or supports and physical intervention techniques training in accordance with the OPWDD and other approved curricula applicable to the needs of the individuals served.

  • Certification or willingness to obtain and maintain Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention (SCIP-R) and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification.

Posted: January 27, 2021