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JOB REQUIREMENTS: Love + medicine is who we are, it's what we do, it's why people want to work here. If you're looking for a job to love, apply today.36 POSITION TITLE: Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or LPN DEPARTMENT: Clinics JOB QUALIFICATIONS Education/Experience Graduate of an Accredited Medical Assistant Program, LPN Completion and passing of CMA exam Certificates & Licenses Medical Assistant Certification; LPN CPR certified II. POSITION SUMMARY: Prepares charts and patients for appointments with Provider. Provides assistance to the Provider during the patient visit. Ensures patient satisfaction by providing kind, attentive and conscientious care. III. PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: O Preparing patient/Assist with exam/Patient Care * Perform vital signs - oral, rectal, temporal artery, axillary temperature; blood pressure; radial and apical pulse; respirations, height, weight, O2 sats, pediatric head circumference. * Record symptoms - obtain and record patient history using EMR or hand written. * Record medications - with EMR or accurately with correct spelling, doses and frequency. * Chart correctly within EMR or with correct spelling, grammar and terminology when needed. * Prepare patient for and assist with routine and special exams. * Assist with procedures, treatments and minor office surgeries. O Specimen Collection/Testing/Recording of results/Labeling specimens * Perform venipuncture (Phlebotomy). * Obtain throat culture; perform and record rapid strep test. * Obtain wound culture. * Collect urine specimen and perform urinalysis. * Instruct fecal specimen collection; instruct hemocult slide collection and develop. * Perform hematology test. * Perform glucose testing. * Perform rapid pregnancy test O Required Skills to be performed * Perform EKG and document as per EMR instructions * Perform vision/color testing, depth perception and Snellen Eye exam. * Assist with Pap/pelvic exams. * Assist, prepare and administer immunizations and other injections. * Administer oral medications, as directed. * Assist with suturing. * Apply casting as per teaching/instruction from orthopedics. * Assist with or perform ear and eye irrigations. * Assist with or preform staple/suture removal and dressing changes. * Set up surgical tray and assist with minor office surgeries. O Office Skills * Answer telephone and take/return accurate messages. * Communicating with provider to verify correct information for prescription including the 5 medication rights. * Telephone test results to patient. * Process and sort mail. * Order supplies. * Locate and use correct forms for charting, documentation and orders. * Accurately complete Point of Care tests in EMR under direction from a physician, ensuring correct test, result, notes are documented and any other applicable data. * Accurately complete EMR documentation/orders per physician direction to ensure quality patient care. Verify... For full info follow application link. EEO/AA/Veterans/Disabilities ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: