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NBH Bank Assistant Banking Center Manager At Community Banks Of in Bayfield, Colorado

ASSISTANT BANKING CENTER MANAGER AT COMMUNITY BANKS OF COLORADO Bayfield, CO 81122, USA Req #1138 Thursday, May 21, 2020 Common sense is more than just banking, and we believe in findingfinancial solutions that cater specifically to our client s needs. We arelooking for talented associates who understand the complexities of life andwill offer simple solutions that best fit the needs of our clients.If this is what you believe in, then you re definitely right for us. And,we might be the right bank for you. At our Bank, we believe common sense is more than just banking. Webelieve in finding financial solutions that cater specifically to our client sneeds.We are looking for talented associates who understand the complexitiesof life and will offer simple solutions that best fit the needs of ourclients. If this is what you believe in, then you re definitely right for us.And, we might be the right bank for you. This job requires connecting with people quickly in an outgoing,friendly manner. The use of persuasive communication skills to gain theinterest and involvement of others in the work process is an important aspectof the job. An extreme sense of urgency is needed, combined with gettingwork done in complete, accurate detail and in accordance with companystandards and policies. The motivation for this position comes from a strongsense of duty and a feeling of responsibility for completing work both quicklyand correctly. A faster than average work pace is necessary combined withimpatience for results. Follow-up of delegated work must be very thorough.Decision making will be done with the ideas and advice of others, but alwayscarefully and cautiously within the guidelines of established company policy.Selling ideas to others and the ability to train, teach and motivate a teamare strong aspects of this position. Change is an ongoing occurrence of thisjob and will be approached conservatively and with the support and guidance ofmanagement. As an Assistant Banking Center Manager, you will provide exceptionalcustomer service, leadership within the banking center, and spend themajority of your time working with clients and associates.You will beresponsible for a variety of tasks including training and coaching asuccessful sales team under the Business Banking Center Manager, introducingclients to new products and services to maximize sales opportunities,achieving specific sales and service goals on and individual and bankingcenter level, providing a broad base of financial and credit services, andfollowing the Customer Privacy and Information Policy .and. Procedure forcommunication with clients.Additionally, Assistant Banking Center Managersare expected to adhere to the bank s operational compliance, audit andsecurity policies, build a great rapport with clients and fellowassociates, and treat others with respect and consideration regardless oftheir All associates are expected to maintain current knowledge and consistentcompliance with regulations and bank policies and procedures related to theposition, including but not limited to Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Officeof Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) requirements. Minimum Requirements: Associates Degree or equivalent Must be/become registered and licensed in the Nationwide MortgageLicensing System and Registry (NMLS) as required by the S.A.F.E. Act. This position requires compliance with all mortgage regulatoryrequirements and NBH's compliance policies related to these requirementsincluding acceptable background check investigation results. Successfulcandidates must also meet ongoing regulatory requirements including additionalscreening and required reporting of certain incidents. Driving may be required with this position. Applicants must have a validdriver's license (may not be learner s, restricted or to and from worklicense) and driving history that meets the Bank s driver standards. Thisinformation will be verified in a M