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Northern Light Health Medical Sonographer in Bangor, Maine

Job Summary: Uses Ultrasound to locate, evaluate, and record pertinent anatomical, pathological, and functional data. Perform all ultrasound procedures which include Abdomen, OB/GYN, small parts, and Vascular.

Education/Experience requirements:

  • High school graduate or equivalent.

  • 2 year allied health education program that is patient care related or Bachelor's degree.

  • Current ARDMS registered eligible to apply for registry within 4 months of hire and registered with 9 months of hire and maintain certification.

  • Registry eligible candidates to be hired as Ultrasound Technician, must apply for the registry within 4 months of hire and be ARDMS registered within 9 months of hire. Upon Registry, Technicians would be promoted to Sonographer position. Wages will be commensurate with registry status.

  • Clinical experience of adequate length to become proficient in the art of Medical Sonography.

Other skills/requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to communicate with patients, family members, physicians, healthcare professionals, department staff, students, etc.

  • Participation in call coverage required.

Physical Requirements: Must possess the degree of total body strength and flexibility necessary to move equipment and assist patients with personal hygiene and mobility. Must assist those patients with physical or mental impairments, and those requiring total care. Must be able to bend to reach objects on the floor, stretch to reach shelves overhead to a height of 6 feet above ground level using a 1 foot stepstool if necessary, and reach across work equipment such as countertops and stretchers to a distance of 25 inches. Must be able to lift a minimum of 15 lbs. to a height of 5 feet above ground level. Must be able to push a non-motorized ultrasound machine weighing approximately 500 lbs. throughout the hospital as necessary. Must be able to stand and walk 50% of their shift. Must possess manual dexterity to grip and manipulate large, small, thick, or thin objects, use a computer keyboard/calculator, turn/push various sizes of equipment control knobs/buttons, and use writing implements such as pens, markers, etc. Repetitive flexion/extension of the scanning wrist and arm is required. Must be able to move within both confining and changing environments throughout the hospital, such as control booths, film library, nursing units, operating room, interventional radiology room, etc. Must possess visual acuity and color vision necessary to observe patient conditions, discern information from B/W and color monitors, computers, calculators, electronic controls, emergency equipment, patient charts/forms, printed documents, patient identification bands, and equipment manuals.

Working Environment: Will work with non-ionizing radiation, indoors for 100% of their shift. Must work with video display terminals for up to 85% of a shift. Will work with hazardous materials and equipment. May be exposed to patients with communicable diseases, purulent discharges, secretions, and excretions