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CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF AUSTIN 4th Grade Classroom and Religion Teacher in AUSTIN, Texas

less thanp>less thanstrong>less thanu>Job Summaryless than/u>less than/strong>less than/p>less thanp>The Classroom and Religion Teacher plans, guides, and evaluates the learning process of students.iThis position reports to the principal and has decision-making responsibilities within the framework of school policies, philosophy, organization, and curriculum.less than/p>less thanp>less thanstrong>less thanu>Essential Dutiesless than/u>less than/strong>less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>Support and uphold the philosophy of Catholic education and the mission of the school.less than/li>less thanli>Support and adhere to the Standards of Conduct and policies and procedures of the school.less than/li>less thanli>Plan for instruction with logically sequenced objectives based on adopted curriculum and submit plans according to the school policies.less than/li>less thanli>Provide appropriate material and resources for students to engage in learning.less than/li>less thanli>Use instructional methods and models according to professional standard practice.less than/li>less thanli>Use varied assessment tools to perform both formative and summative assessments.less than/li>less thanli>Provide instruction and assessment for understanding.less than/li>less thanli>Maintain current and accurate records according to school policies.less than/li>less thanli>Practice positive, consistent discipline in the management of the classroom.less than/li>less thanli>Communicate with parents regarding academic, behavioral, and safety concerns.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanp>less thanstrong>less thanu>Knowledge, Skills, and Abilitiesless than/u>less than/strong>less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>Knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanul>less thanli>Knowledge of subjects, instructional methods/strategies, and curriculum differentiation.less than/li>less thanli>Knowledge of child development, learning, and behavior.less than/li>less thanli>Skill in pacing and differentiating instruction.less than/li>less thanli>Skill in motivating and engaging students in the learning process.less than/li>less thanli>Skill in using job-appropriate technology.less than/li>less thanli>Ability to manage student behavior in classroom setting.less than/li>less thanli>Ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form.less than/li>less thanli>Ability to conference with parents and respond to messages in a timely manner.less than/li>less thanli>Ability to demonstrate gains in student performance that are in keeping with school goals.less than/li>less thanli>Ability to respond to individual learning needs.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanp>less thanstrong>less thanu>Minimum Qualificationsless than/u>less than/strong>less than/p>less thanp>less thanem>Education:less than/em>less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>Bachelor's degree in subject taught or related field from an accredited American university or equivalent in a foreign country.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanp>less thanem>Experience:less than/em>less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>None required.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanp>less thanem>Catholic Requirement:less than/em>less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>Must be a practicing Roman Catholic in good standing.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanp>less thanem>Certifications and Training:less than/em>less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>Valid Texas driver's license.less than/li>less thanli>Must maintain compliance with the Diocese of Austin Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) policies throughout the employment period.less than/li>less thanli>Must meet minimum requirements for teaching field set forth by Diocese and TCCB ED.less than/li>less thanli>Must meet staff development guidelines as set forth by the Diocese and schoolless than/li>less thanli>Without a Theology degree, must complete Religion Certification Part 1 within two years of the date of hire, completing a minimum of 25 hours each year; Reli