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Westminster Commons Assistant Director of Nursing Services/ Staff Development Coordinator Full-Time 1st Shift in Atlanta, Georgia

Great Downtown location and benefits!

Job Summary:

Assist the Director of Clinical Services to plan, organize, develop and direct the over-all operations of the Nursing Services Department in close working collaboration with the facility’s inter-department team members, in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern our facility in pursuit of ensuring that the highest degree of quality of care is maintained at all times to residents during their duration of stay.

Related job responsibilities:

Daily Tasks:

  • Lead the daily 8:30am morning with Unit Managers, MDS team and other IDT members.
  • Follow-up clinical issues and concerns, especially post-fall interventions, infection control precaution issues and supply needs.
  • Identify and provide the needed education, staff in-service and trainings to meet staff needs in every nursing unit to enhance their professional competency skills.
  • Do rounds together with the Director of Clinical Services and Unit Managers in per floor and visiting/assessing at-risk residents to determine what care and clinical needs can be provided.
  • Oversee and lead the end of shift huddle meetings with nurses and CNA’s to ensure that care and clinical follow-ups are made. Ensure that walking rounds are done.
  • Oversee staffing per floor and have a daily review with the Staffing Coordinator on the status of the staffing schedule for the day and for the week and weekends.
  • Assist Unit Managers/ RN Supervisors in skilled nursing documentations, assessments requirements, UDA and non-completed documentations, incident report investigation and grievances, as needed.
  • Will assist in medication cart administration on the floor during extreme staff shortages. Weekly Tasks:

  • Lead the Patient-At-Risk meetings (PAR) meetings weekly with IDT members.

  • Perform weekend on call oversight monitoring of weekend on call supervisor and issues related to staffing and resident concerns.
  • Participate in the weekend-on call rotations with the nursing management team.
  • Join rounds with the registered dietitian, VOHRA wound physician and the Director of Clinical Services. Every 2-Weeks Tasks:

  • Lead and conduct the new hire orientation and ensure that new hires are well placed and monitored of their floor orientation assignments with preceptor assignments and follow-through on the new hire competency trainings needed on the job.

  • Assign nursing staff in-services during the pay periods. Monthly Tasks:

  • Assist and remind the Unit Managers in their DNS monthly reports.

  • Assist the Director of Clinical Services in receiving the monthly Pharmacy Consultant recommendations, MMR’s, IMMR’s, Psych notes for Physicians and follow-up completion of it. Identify any variances related to regulatory practices.
  • Lead the Restorative Nursing Program and oversight of documentations.
  • Prepare the monthly Infection Control/ Prevention report and identify any areas for improvement or variances for correction.
  • Attend QA meetings and other meetings called by the Director of Clinical Services and/or the Facility Administrator. Annual Tasks:

  • Conduct employee health screen (drug test and TB screen test).

  • Assist the Director of Clinical Services in completing the Employee Performance Evaluation and identify any issues for improvement. Hiring Process:

  • Assist the Director of Clinical Services in the hiring process and selection of new hires for the Department and in instituting the progressive disciplinary action of erring nursing staff until leading to termination of an employee from the job.

  • All new staff hires must be approved by the Director of Clinical Services. Infection Control Functions:

  • Act as the Infection Control Nurse of the facility and plan, organize, develop, coordinate and direct the facility’s infection control program and its activities in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern such programs, as may be directed by the Director of Clinical Services or the Facility Administrator.

  • As the Infection Control Nurse, you are to ensure that the facility is in compliance with current CDC, OSHA, and local regulations concerning infection control or standard/universal precautions. Obtain training and competency requirements on infection control practices and act as the infection control nurse of the facility, monitor infection control practices and procedures to ensure that all staff and personnel are implementing the standard operating procedures of various infection control issues and concerns and the antibiotic stewardship program of the facility. Restorative Nursing Program and CNA team functions:

  • Act as the restorative nurse to oversee, manage and monitor the operations and activities of the facility’s Restorative Nursing Program. Staff Development Coordinator Functions:

  • Work closely with the Director of Clinical Services and other inter-department managers in planning, conducting and scheduling of timely staff in-services, training and competency skills classes, and educational programs that provide instructions on “how to do the job” and to promote safety on the job to meet staff needs.

  • Develop and strengthen staff competency skills programs for improvement processes and closely collaborate with the Director of Risk Management and QA on identified staff training programs and activities to meet the care needs, safety and well-being of the resident population in the facility. Staffing Oversight Functions:

  • Assist and oversee the operations of the Staffing Coordinator in ensuring that staffing schedules and staffing needs of various units are met and develop a pool of staff to support the staffing needs of the nursing services department. QA/QI Functions:

  • Participate in the CQI, bench markings and QA/Performance Improvement Plans (PIP’s) of the nursing services department to meet QAPI program requirements and other compliance regulatory requirements of CMS. State Survey Readiness Functions:

  • Assist in various State survey readiness preparations and other government agency visits in the facility. Conduct resident rounds with Unit Managers and /or RN Supervisors to ensure that safety and care needs of residents are met by staff attending to them. Customer Satisfaction Functions:

  • Assist in the grievance report resolutions and follow-ups and customer satisfaction issues and concerns in the units. Promote customer service skills practices to all staff during in-services, trainings and meetings. Clinical Follow-up Functions:

  • Work with the Unit Manager or the RN Supervisor to ensure that clinical follow-ups, medication availability, care and safety needs of residents, especially on new admissions and readmissions are addressed, supply needs are provided in each nursing unit, and resident’s care activities and appointments are met.

  • Oversee and monitor that medications are given in a timely manner, refills and scripts are filled up by Pharmacy in a timely fashion.
  • Monitor and follow-up laboratory and diagnostic results of residents given to Unit Managers and/or RN Supervisors and ensure that appropriate physician responses are followed-up by Unit Managers and/or RN Supervisors to address the resident’s appropriate clinical plan of care and treatment.
  • Assist the Director of Clinical Services in the improvement of quality measures and quality indicators of the facility and develop QA programs in close working collaboration with the concerned IDT members.
  • Represent and assist the Director of Clinical Services on various nursing operational activities, functions and programs to support the clinical and operational goals and visions of the Facility Administrator for the Nursing Services Department.
  • Closely coordinate with the facility’s engagement committee to enhance programs and activities related to staff retention, staff morale enhancement and in developing a continuing positive work environment in the facility.
  • Financial compensation will reviewed by the Director of Clinical Services and/ or the Facility Administrator to meet the demands of the job.
  • To perform other job responsibilities, functions and duties, as directed by the Director of Clinical Services or the Facility Administrator. Qualifications:

  • Registered Nurse with at least five years’ of experience in clinical field preferably in a skilled nursing facility or in the long term care setting. Experienced as an ADNS/Staff Development Coordinator.

  • Knowledge of federal and state regulatory requirements for CMS.
  • Candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).